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It’s true that as humans, it is inevitable for us to make mistakes but the good thing is we can still find a way to correct them. Just like with our own hair, we commit coloring and styling mistakes that only lead us to frustration. You may have had a hair color before that made you feel like crying every time you see yourself in the mirror or perhaps a haircut that made you look like a total freak. We never want any of you to go through the same situation again that’s why we have gathered here all the reasons why we commit hair coloring mistakes. Let’s go over these common mistakes and learn how to correct each of them.

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Disregarding your natural shade

This is obviously the primary reason why we hate the results after dyeing our tresses. You must always make it a point to find the right color that would perfectly match you. Always remember the two shade rule. Pick a hue that’s not too far from the natural color of your locks. Only go two shades darker or lighter than your natural colour. Never ever go for a dye that is darker than your eyebrows. If you really wish to look absolutely natural and avoid regrets in the end, stick with the two shade rule as much as possible. If ever you have dyed your tresses too dark, use a clarifying shampoo or mix at least five drops of dishwashing soap with a regular shampoo to strip away some of the colour. The next time you dye your locks and you’re still unsure whether you should go for it or not, try coating your tresses with coconut oil first from the mid-shaft down to keep them from absorbing too much colour.

Disregarding your skin complexion

You must also consider your skin-tone before selecting a colour. Think what matches your complexion or you can search for it online. You will surely find a lot of websites that would give you ideas on what colours to choose for your skin tone. By considering your complexion, you will get more natural looking results that would totally suit you. You may also consult an expert if you wish to get more satisfying results. He/she will surely provide you with great color options based on your eye color, skin complexion and eyebrow color.

Bleaching your locks at home

DIY bleaching is not advisable. It requires a more experienced person to do it or else the health of your hair might be compromised. Coloring your locks more than two shades from your natural color should only be done in the salon. Seek the help of a professional but listen first to what they have to recommend. Your tresses might not be able to withstand the entire process so it would be a better idea to ask help from them first.

Neglecting your hair history

It is important for you to consider the history of your tresses as well. When you go to the salon, tell your colorist everything you have done to your tresses even if it was still years ago. They have to know what products to use on your locks to prevent it from looking dull and damaged.