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Variation. Don’t we all want that? From food, to clothing, to hairstyles and all, variation makes life all the more fun and interesting. We all desire to see change and a different perspective in things once in awhile and that includes our hair. We want to use a variety of colors and styles with our locks but the problem is some of us fear the risk that comes along with it. Permanent dyes can damage our precious locks overtime.

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The good thing is, there is a more recent type of dye that gives us the freedom to change our haircolor whenever we wish to without the possible risk of damaged locks. Well, isn’t that what we all wished for? What I’m talking about is hair chalk.

Hair chalks are chalk-like products used to add and give temporary color to your tresses. They can be applied to any type of locks. You can style your tresses using straighteners and curlers even after you have added the color and they remain healthy as before.

The color can be washed out usually in just one wash which makes hair chalking a fun and quick way of changing your looks. It has always been a dream for most girls to wear bright hues such as pink and red but this seem to be out of reach for most since some of them have office jobs that require them to maintain a professional look for their work.

A set of hair chalk is the best solution to this problem. Anytime, you can add any hue you like minus the commitment of dying your natural locks. Whenever you wish to change color for a weekend hang out they can easily apply the chalk and when it’s time for work again, they can just wash it off without a hassle.