Hair bleaching has been done as early as 1500 BC, proving that people in ancient times have been colouring their strands  too.  Although for some would prefer to wear wigs, today, however, there more women who prefer hair extensions over wigs which can be a bit more obvious than the latter.  With hair extensions, you can hide  and make it blend with your own hair, making it almost invisible to the naked eye. And with today’s technologies it is being offered in a variety of colours from subtle to bold and two-tone to bayalage.

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For the majority of women, dyeing one’s hair is as important as brushing one’s teeth.  Women around the globe colour their hair at the expense of their health sometimes. As we all know, hair dyes can cause skin allergies or worse -a severe type of allergies can develop.

Bleached Hair Girl in Direct Sunlight

I know of some women who takes antihistamine just before colouring their hair as a precautionary measure.  Yes, women can do a lot of weird things for the sake of beauty. With that in mind, always do a skin test prior to the actual dyeing of the hair, whether its a ammonia-free, natural or organic product  just to be on the safe side.

Given the fact that you have  the right product that matches your desired outcome, you can go ahead and prepare the materials you need for bleaching your hair. You will need:

Powder bleach



Plastic mixing bowl and measuring spoons

20 volume developer (for toning)

30 volume developer (for bleaching)

Hair clips

Brush (for the roots)

Coconut oil


Apply  coconut oil before mixing  a pack of powder bleach  and 30 volume developer using a 1:1 ratio. Apply the mixture to your hair from roots to the ends  and leave it on for about 40 to 50 minutes.  And shampoo it off.

You should let your hair rest for a week after each bleaching  session to give time for the hair to adjust and not destroy your  hair in the process. Stop as soon as you have achieved the hue you are trying to go for. The hair bleaching process usually takes longer for darker hair than those who have lighter shade.

Take note of the interval time, as this is vital to keeping your hair healthy. Giving your locks enough space could help them get back to their original state. So allow your hair to breathe in between your bleaching so you can achieve your goal without damaging your hair.