Bleaching one’s hair can be totally damaging to your locks, but I know for some they would go to some extent in the name of beauty. But for cautious women you can also opt to use wigs or clip-in extensions as highlights, that is if changing hair colour is too drastic for you. You can choose a lighter shade than your natural hair colour to add some highlights without committing to dyeing a portion of your hair. Make sure that the hair is made from 100% human hair like what we at Human Hair Extensions Hair Online sell. Its superior quality will make you love our hair and might even consider buying a few sets just to keep the excitement going.

Here are some hues that will entice you to try out our clip-in extensions;


I’ll let you in a little secret, coconut oil can bleach your hair with less damage and almost no pain at all! Yes, you heard right. And what is so amazing about it is that it’s easy, affordable and definitely works like magic!

hair bleach

Soak your hair with coconut oil, wrap it with a shower cap and sleep on it. The next day, be ready to bleach your hair they way you regularly do, but do not ever remove the coconut oil just apply the bleach over it.

The coconut oil is there to provide extra nourishment and to protect both your hair and scalp from the damaging effects of bleaching. I can personally assure you that your hair will be soft as an angel like it never have undergone bleaching at all.

So here goes the procedure;

  1. Gather all the needed suppliesCoconut oil, comb, cap, gloves 30 volume activator, a packet or two (depending on how much you need) of bleach, 20 volume activator, toner of your choice, application brush, old towel and mixing bowl (use non-metal)
  2. Coat your hair liberally and cover with plastic cap. Let it stay overnight for best result.
  3. The next day you mix the bleach and apply the mixture onto hair. Start in the middle and spread until all your roots are soaked with your bleach mixture. Apply heat, starting at the most recent application of bleach portion.
  4. After an hour, the bleach must be removed with a regular shampoo. You may have to shampoo it twice to get all the coconut oil off your hair. Thoroughly scrub it to feel refreshingly clean and do not use conditioner.
  5. At this point you get to apply any amazing colour you have set out to wear. Wait till your hair is almost dry before you apply the mixture of activator and the toner of your choice. Start applying from your roots upwards until hair is all soaked up with the toner. Wait for 10 minutes. Rinse and condition.

And now ready to smile and look gorgeous with your new hair tone!