A Hair Extensions Shopping Guide for First Time Buyers! article image by Human Hair Extensions Online

Do you suffer from dry, lifeless hair? Are you already frustrated with the slow growth of your hair? If you desire to have healthy-looking fabulous locks, try using hair extensions. They are the best solutions for people who simply want to switch their looks and experiment with different hairstyles.

If this is your first time shopping for hair extensions, there are a few pointers that you should first consider.


Here are some helpful guidelines that will help you make smart decisions when buying hair extensions in Sydney.


  • Hair Extension Methods


Hair extensions are primarily categorised by the manner in which they are installed or attached to the head.


The following are the top five available hair extension methods:


  • Hair Tracking refers to extensions that are braided in circles directly on the head. The number of tracks needed will depend on the amount of volume you want added to your hair.
  • Fusions are hair extensions that are glued to actual hairs, thus adding a more authentic and natural feel to the end result. The process of fusing hair extensions can be very time consuming and expensive.
  • Clip ins are the most convenient hair extension method since you can remove them easily whenever desired. Quality clip ins made from Remy hair can last a very long time and are affordable.
  • Tape ins are the most popular hair extensions due to the quality of hair strands, application, and longevity. When installed with a good bonding agent, tape ins can stay on your head for three months or longer.


HHEO offers both clip and tape-in extensions that are made of 100% Remy Human Hair.


  • How to care for hair extensions


Treat hair extensions with the same care you give your actual hair. Since the hair extensions will be semi-permanently attached to your head, never attempt to pull or forcibly remove them. Hair loss is a common concern among women who wish to buy hair extensions. Remember that the life of your hair extensions will depend on how you use them and take care of them. Make sure to follow proper care instructions for your chosen hair extension method.


If you’re ready to purchase your first hair extension, we suggest you check out our quality hair extension products and accessories here. For enquiries call us today on (+61) 1300 489 337.