Human-Hair-Extension-Online - grow-hair-fasterLet's face it we don't have the patience to wait for our natural hair to grow long. We may feel we are waiting for forever but fear not you can always opt for human hair extensions if you want it done today. And for those who want it the natural more.
  1. Be more conscious of your styling habitsIt's universal knowledge that applying heat to hair can do more damage to the hair than we care to imagine. So let's compromise to do flat irons, at most, only three times a week and limit or avoid blowdrying and extended exposure to sun to keep the hair at its peak. You do this by air drying your hair and apply sunscreen to your hair to shield it from the harmful UV rays.
  2. Change your dietMaking an effort to include protein in your diet and tmunching on foods that are packed full with nutrients will improve the health of your hair. Balanced eating can certainly provide strength to the hair follicles and will keep them strong from breakage.
  3. Take some vitamins specific for the hairFind the right vitamins that can help produce enzymes and hormones that aid in stimulating hair growth. These products usually contain biotin, fish oils, phytantriol and arginine. To accelerate the hair growth phase we need a product that does three things: cleanse, treat and condition.
  4. Keeping a stable healthMeaning no crash diets as abrupt changes can affect hair growth and health tremendously.
  5. RelaxDon't let stress over rule your life because it will affect your life, work and of course health which includes you hair also. A celebrity hair stylist once said that “Your hair is a reflection of how you feel,” so take it easy. Medical experts highly recommends deep tissue massage to relax body and mindevery week. So everytime you feel stress take a moment to do deep breathing and do nothing. After a month’s practice I am sure this will become your habit.
So start your fast track journey to gorgeous long hair...