Oh yes! You heard right, if grey was to be abhorred before because it’s a sure sign of aging. Not anymore more and more successful mature women have embraced silver grey hair as it stands for experience and confidence. But if you’re still unsure about it you can always test the waters. Buy hair extensions strips and add them to your hair as highlights to get you the feel of grey strands on your locks. We at Human Hair Extensions Onlines have high quality extensions that you can trust. We have been in the business long enough to recognize a superior quality and that is what give our list of clientele- the best hair extensions.

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This crazy hair colour adds am extra sparkle to your regularly looking hair. It’s uncommon for younger generations to have this hair tone but on a closer look it can be dazzling. Take a look at the sample photo below:

Silver Dye Hair

If you were made to choose between natural and synthetically or chemically made hair dye, what would be your choice? I bet my bottom dollar it would be for natural or organic base products. Who would want to harm their locks anyways? Well, although you don’t intentionally want to destroy your locks, but for some reason you may have no other choice at times. So, in the name of beauty you just go ahead and do it no matter the negative consequences. Until you are already see the end results.

So without a further ado,let me present a home-made dye that you can easily follow. Although, natural dye are not as potent as chemically made ones. You can still achieve your desired result with patience. DIY natural dye should be applied daily until you achieve the shade you want. It is important that you know this works best for blonde hair only.

First step is to abstain from colouring your hair for the next six months. This is to grow out your current hair colour and simutaneously readying it for a natural hair dye.

Next step is conditioning your hair a week or two prior to bleaching it naturally just to avoid breakage. And stop washing your locks a couple of days before you dye it grey.

First bleaching is then applied to the hair, only after applying virgin coconut oil on it. This is to avoid damages to your hair. Schedule you next bleaching after 3 weeks but remember to continue conditioning your hair to keep them healthy and silky all throughout the whole process.

The last step is to tone your hair down with a purple shampoo to remove any tracies of yellow hair. And you will have a sophisticated and edgy hair in no time!