When did grey hair ever look appealing?More often than not the first time you see your first ever grey hair you will either pluck it or discreetly modify your part to hide it. But we have another solution for you, add platinum strands to camouflage your grey hairs and make it look like highlights. Here at Human Hair Extensions Online, we can provide you the best set of platinum clip-in extensions, so you get to enjoy your highlights without fear of extensions malfunction. The clips will stay firmly affixed to your hair so you will not have to worry about it falling off.

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Have you been having a seriously hard time because your grey hairs are coming in fast and furious? I can just imagine, most women in that age used to choose dyeing in an effort to preserve their youthful appearance. But surprisingly more and more mature women have grown either courageously rebellious or have become more brazenly confident to embrace their vivid greyness.


A growing number of women are accepting their silver fox locks this could, probably because they have grown exhausted by the tedium of coloring and re-coloring it repetitively. Because it is so gratifying to help women look their best at any age, here are some ideas on how to make your grey hair extra appealing:

Might that bold route be the one for you? White or grey hair looks great with people with dark, pink and olive complexions. So if you belong to the skin tone, I just mentioned then you are good just a new haircut would do justice to your looks. However if you are very pale or sallow skin you would look run-down or washed out. So the solution? Consider adding highlights or lowlights to cheer up your appearance.


Your brown hair would look mousy when grey hair starts showing up so put some lowlights or highlights to amp up your look. The tones should be choices between mahogany, honey or tortoiseshell because these colours blends well with brown.

Another option to combat grey hair is to use a semipermanent glaze or a vegetable dye just as they are starting to grow. Both acts perfectly in staining your grey hair and you wont have a rootline when the colours starts to fade.

Just remember to moisturize your hair when it becomes wiry. And if you have problems with yellow tones a violet-based gloss is a perfect solution.

Now that you have some ideas for getting more eye-catching grey hair…