As women get older, a lot of physical changes begin to take place in their bodies. Gravity does its work, and certain body parts begin to sag. Muscles lose their flexibility. Bodily functions start to slow down and cause discomfort. The skin becomes less elastic, and lines and wrinkles start to set in. The hair becomes more porous and turns gray or white. It’s all a part of the natural aging process.

There are some people who start to panic and do everything they can to prevent their body’s deterioration, but the more you fight against nature, the worse the outcome for you. The best thing that anyone can do, then, is to adapt to these changes and subsequently change the way they take care of their body. In this post, we are going to talk about the changes that your hair experiences in your thirties and forties and what you can do to address them.

The Glorious Thirties

The thirties are a woman’s prime years. It is at this stage that a lot of women settle down, have children, or advance by leaps and bounds in their careers. It is, therefore, an incredibly busy time for most of us. The hectic schedules we’d have is no excuse, however, for neglecting to take care of ourselves, especially our hair. During your thirties, you should:

Pamper your hair.

As much as possible, go light on hair products like styling gels, lotions, and mousses, as the buildup from them can dry out your hair and weigh it down.

Check if you lack iron.

Iron-deficiency is frequently a cause for hair loss in many women. This is because our monthly periods take their toll on our body’s iron supply. Eating iron-rich food like vegetables and red meat can address this problem.

The Transitional Forties

The forties bring with it a lot of changes—the kids have gotten older and fled the nest, you begin to finally settle down at your job, and you feel the first stirrings of menopause. These critical changes make it all the more crucial for us to take care of our locks.

Limit your styling.

As opposed to your twenties and early thirties when you could go all out on the curling, the blow-drying, and the treatments, this is the time in your life when you should begin to cut down on all that styling. At this stage, your hair becomes especially prone to dryness and brittleness, and frequent styling could damage your locks and prevent new growth. But limiting your styling shouldn’t mean you stop looking good. You can maintain gorgeous locks with the help of tape hair extensions from Human Hair Extensions Online.

Eat more protein.

Just as you take special care of your skin and bones during this time due to the natural consequences of aging, you should also keep the health of your locks in mind. Eating foods with a lot of protein ensures that your hair remains strong and pliable.

As our body changes, so should we make the corresponding adjustments in how we take care of it. No matter how difficult it may sound, we can make aging gracefully a reality.