Human Hair Extension Online - Determining Face Shape

To maximize your looks it’s not enough to wear just any hair extensions… you need to consider these three vital points : (1) what style suits you best, (2)the texture has to match your own and (3) they have to be made of good quality hair extensions.

Now let’s start with the most versatile shape –the oval face shape. Be thankful to your magnificent symmetrical bone structure you can have any style you want from super short to long ones.

The hairstyle you choose should depend on which facial feature you would like to enhance, if you feel like you don’t have any ideas then always go for enhancing the eyes or for a picture portrait frame try a pair bangs that hit your collar bone.

For round or cherub-like faces a great way to put your facial curves to advantage is to have angular cuts and layers that skim the face providing contrast.Layers can easily emphasize the contours of your face but there is a certain place where you should be careful not to draw too much attention to the chin area as this would only make your face more round.

Next, for the square face, which is characterised by a prominent jawline, a sure way to enhance the chiseled bone structure is to utilise side-swept bangs that will alluringly make the face look softer. The length that would best complement this shape should reach the base of your neck or longer and yes, you can still go for super short on the sides just don’t forget to add a natural volume on top.

The Heart shapes begin generally at the forehead with a curve at the center then   down to the pointed chin. The rule is, that if you have the sweetheart, curves draw the eyes away from the chin and a great solution to that to cut shape into the bangs that will undoubtedly pull the attention back to your eyes. Enjoy wispy bangs that fall between the eye and eyebrows, to lighten up your face and give you a sassy feel. Cutting the bangs so that the tips look slightly unsymmetrical making the face dramatically attractive.

Don’t forget that for the long face we need to create width to divert attention to the face shape by blunt or side swept bangs because they cover up the forehead. Chin-length bobs are also an excellent choice because they make an impression on width, thus making the face appear shorter. Just don’t make a mistake of choosing a style that adds volume on top, take this tip seriously and your good to go.

Now that you know what styles look best on your features…try it now and enjoy a more radiant you!