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When it comes to today’s weekend Goddesses, the secret is almost always human hair extensions! They truly are Hollywood’s best kept secret! And do you know that it can be done in just a couple of hours? Whatever reasons you might have for getting extensions; to create length or fullness, this is your ultimate solution to releasing the Goddess in you.

Hair extensions are one beauty trick that you do not want to miss out on, my advice is have a go, get it done and get it done well!

Compile a quick list of salons near your location and after a thorough search of what they are offering decide which salon suits you best. Set an appointment with the hairdresser. Give them an idea of what you want and they will also tell which ones would look good on your body type and facial structure.

Just take your pick of the ever growing range of products on the market:

  • Taped-in – Extensions applied to hair using a tape.
  • Sewn-in – Extensions applied to hair using full weave and partial weave. A full weave, is where all of your natural hair is hidden under the extension. While the partial is where you braid 3-5 tracks horizontally from ear to ear to which the extension hair is sewn on to the braids integrating the natural hair with the new hair.
  • Clip-in –A non-permanent type of hair extension that has to be the easiest to install, as the name itself suggest.
  • Hot Fusion – Also known as ‘keratin’ hair extensions Hot Fusion is done by attaching strands of hair extensions to your natural hair with a keratin based bonding polymer.
  • Cold Fusion – A strand by strand technique attached with a polymer keratin bonding material. The hair is pre tipped an each strand of hair is attached to your natural hair.
  • Hair Locs – A Strand by strand hair extension technique which creates a similar result to fusion hair extensions, without the use of heat and glue.
  • Shrinkies – Another strand-by-strand. A pre-bonded strand of extension hair is placed inside the tube along with your natural hair and then using a special heat clamp the ‘Shrink link’ is then heat activated shrinking around them both.

When styling your hair, always consider the fact that there are two hair types up there so you have to know how to handle both. Experiment on them and try to get help whether online or from your hairdresser.

Be effortlessly chic everyday with your hair extensions…let the professionals help you.