Among the many types of hair extension application methods, fusion hair extensions are preferred by most hair professionals. They are more permanent, could last up to six months with proper application and care. They also look more natural provided that they are made of authentic remy human hair. If you’re looking for first class remy hair in Australia, you can find that at Human Hair Extensions Online. We offer a variety of types, colors and length for hair extensions.

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Fusion hair extensions can be attached to your head in two ways: cold or hot fusion. The former requires hot glue in attaching the extensions to your hair while the latter requires a keratin-based polymer in order to glue in the extensions to your roots. Hot fusion is a more traditional technique while cold fusion is a new method which is already gaining popularity because of how more natural and comfortable it is compared to hot fusion. The polymer used in cold fusion is more flexible than hot glue and it does not require any heat making it ideal for fine and thin tresses. If you are currently rocking a set of this type of extensions, here are simple ways you can do to take care of them and make them last longer.

1. After the installation, wait for at least 48 hours before you wash your hair. Washing them right away could weaken and wash off the glue.

2. Make it a habit to brush your tresses right before you shower and go to bed. Keep them smooth and make sure there are no tangles.

3. Avoid washing your tresses with shampoo everyday. You could wash every after 2 days or less and when you do, make sure to do it gently. Consider using a sulfate-free shampoo and apply conditioner at the tips afterwards to keep them moisturised.

4. When you style your locks using heat, make it a point to apply a heat protectant spray right before you use it on your extensions.

5. When you go to sleep, always make sure that they are dry. Wet extensions easily get damaged, so when you have a habit of going to shower at night, we recommend you blow dry your hair first. Before you hit the bed, tie your locks into a braid as well to prevent tangling.