A full head hair extensions can be 40 pieces or 20 sandwiches for tape extensions; whereas clip in may vary from 100g- 260g depending on the amount of weight each customer is going to need. Whether its tape or clip in, we have got the premium quality extensions that you can trust as our current clients have through all these years. And if you don’t know your hair tone we can help you find the right colour to match your hair.

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When you say full head hair extensions it means getting more or maximum hair pieces to fit your head. This is for ultra-fine or thinning hair that needs maximum coverage to provide extra volume where it is most needed. Full head hair extensions vary in terms of method use like for tape for instance it comes in pieces of 4cm long and 0.8cm wide. To make a full head you need 40 pieces.

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For clip-in, however you don’t measure a full head by piece. You quantify it by weight. A full set is between 100g to 260g. To determine how much hair you are going to need, you need to see a qualified hairdresser to assess your hair’s ability to hold such weight and how much hair you are going to need.

Setting an appointment with your hairstylist who is certified to install extensions is always advisable as they will prepare you for the installation. This consultation will cover all aspects of the hair extension installation process from pre to post-installation. Every step is as important as it will determine the success of the whole procedure and that all your expectations have been met.

Every woman has different needs and hair is no exception, so you can add a few strands or a full head depending on how thick you want your hair to be. It does not necessarily have to be a full head hair extension to get you the extra body you’re after. A half head can also do wonders if you have a slightly thicker hair.

Bear in mind that wearing a full head hair extension can make or break your looks if done improperly. So I highly recommend a professional hairdresser who is trained to install extensions to do the job for you. Not only will it get the job done in a couple of hours it guarantees proper placement and your locks will less likely suffer any damages like traction alopecia for example.

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