Over the years, the increase in the global demand of human hair extensions has been tremendous as many women are now turning towards the convenience of using this product when it comes to helping them achieve their hair goals, enhance their appearance and most of all, help boost their overall confidence.

When shopping for the right kind of hair extensions, a lot of factors are being considered such as the type of hair material, grade of hair, what fits in your budget, what technique works for you and above all, the quality itself. Amongst the wide range of hair extension techniques available in the market, one of the top-selling options is Clip In Human Hair Extensions.

Gorgeous Nicole flaunting her HHEO Clip In Human Hair Extensions




This is indeed one of the very reason why women opt for clip in extensions. This technique offers instantly long hair without having to sit in front of your calendar and count the days off only to grow a few centimeters of hair. Simply clip the extensions on to your natural hair and you’ll be ready in no time. Check out our model below wearing our clip-ins and see how it helps give you that added length in under 5 minutes!


Before and After Transformation: Model wearing our HHEO Clip In 22″ 10 Piece Set in #4 Chestnut Brown



Unlike permanent hair extensions, clip-ins do not tie you down with a long-term commitment. Clip-ins are very low maintenance. All you have to do is simply wash it (when already needed) using sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, let them dip to dry and voila! They’re ready for reuse.


Literally the fastest and easiest technique of all hair extensions. Simply part your hair into sections and layers. Then get a piece of clip extensions and clip it on to the hair where you want it. Push down until you hear a snap from the clip to ensure that the extension has been set well on your hair. If your hair is naturally thin or fine, you can also tease the base of your natural hair first so it will help the given hair more texture and the clip will hold on to your hair better.

In addition, choosing clip-in hair extensions in Sydney gives you more control when it comes to changing hairstyle anytime.


Unlike extensions that require the use of adhesives, braiding and other forms of installation processes, clip in hair extensions minimise the risk of having hair damage. Semi-permanent ones can break your hair due to the constant weight of the hair extensions being used. Alternatively, when you choose to purchase clip in hair extensions in Sydney, the damage risk can be controlled or minimised.


Another benefit of choosing hair extensions is that you have the option to choose the kind of hair that suits your budget. However, if you want a flawless blend, natural look, and the type that you can style (curl or straighten), dye or anything to ensure that it matches your style at all times, then we highly recommend getting 100% Remy human hair extensions. Although this may cost a bit more than synthetic ones, you are given the guarantee that the value for money will surely be realized.

HHEO is the most requested brand across Australia and overseas providing you with high-quality clip-in human hair extensions at a reasonable price. We offer 100% Remy human hair which means that the hair strands run in the same direction and the hair cuticles are kept intact. We offer a wide range of lengths, luscious colours with set options of 5 Pieces and 10 piece sets. Our extensions come double-wefted to ensure extra thickness from top to tips.

Check out our irresistible clip extensions now at www.hheo.com.au or simply send us an email at info@hheo.com.au for any questions.