14How to Find the Perfect Men’s Wig in Australia article image by Human Hair Extensions Online


If you are relatively new to wigs, it is crucial that you take a moment and read this brief but complete wig-buying guide for men. Whether you are looking to buy wigs for daily use or for those special occasions or even for work, it is crucial to remember these tips and tricks to get the most bang for your buck.


  • Natural Looking Wigs are Always Best


If you’re buying a wig for daily use, we highly recommend picking wigs online that look similar to your natural hair. If you have golden hair, look for blonde wigs that are closest to your actual shade.


Other factors that you need to remember when buying human hair wigs are the hairstyle, hair texture, and wave patterns among many other things.


  • Opt for human hair wigs with easy attachment methods


Men are more discreet when it comes to wearing wigs. Besides being natural looking, wigs for men should also boast fast and easy attachment features. Compared to women, men usually style their hair with minimal products. In addition, men usually don’t spend a long time in the mirror styling their hair. If you need to wear a wig, always check the method of attachment or installation. Make sure the wig you buy has a secure application method so you don’t have to worry about it detaching when you’re busy the whole day.


  • Always choose human hair wigs


If you are a man who uses wigs to cover bald spots or thinning hair, you should never consider buying synthetic wigs. As the name implies, synthetic wigs will look stiffer and less natural than wigs made from human hair. As they are cheaper, synthetic wigs will wear down faster than those made from natural human hair.


  • Know your head size measurements


Wigs come in different cap sizes. Although most wigs online fit perfectly on the heads of most men, there will be cases when head measurements are larger than usual. Check your cap size by measuring the circumference of your head using a tape measure. Start measuring by placing one end of the tape at the front hairline, then behind your ear, around your nape, behind the opposite ear and until you reach the front hairline again. Once measured, you should check out the capsize measurements from online wig sellers.


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