How to look great in pictures Have you ever wondered why celebrities look awesome on any pictures? I am about to share with you how you too can look stunning in any pictures that you upload on any social media platforms. Whether it is taken by an expensive camera or camera phone the secret is- the right make up. Of course, you might want to wear extensions to your hair to make them appear fuller; that is perfectly fine. You are about to learn some easy tips on make tips that will make you look like a million bucks. Prime Primer is a must if you want to create a smooth and natural looking skin. It helps keeping the foundation intact and ease out the bumps on your skin to produce an even skin tone. On cam, it would make your skin look glowing without the lump and dent showing underneath your foundation. Matte Matte is a flat tone without any shimmer or sparkle. This would look fabulous when photograph as it looks natural. Using shimmery make up will make your face look oily when photograph because of the light reflecting on your face and this is not what we want to happen. Apply make-up in natural lighting Always apply make-up in natural sunlight to get the best results. Using indoor lighting can give you illusory effect and this is what we want to avoid at all cost. With natural light, applying make-up is easy since you get to see everything exactly as it is. Choose yellow tinted powder This powder is great for pictures compared to translucent or shimmery ones. Other powders may leave you looking pale in pictures or reflecting light creating a shiny appearance. Blend eye concealer well Covering your under eye area may be done by applying a little concealer while this may work on a daily basis, in pictures it could look a bit harsh. You will have to blend the concealer well to hide fine lines and uneven colouring surrounding the eye area. Use bold colours Eye shadows use should be in deep colours to look great in pictures as pastel ones will look wash out. Bold colours will make your eyes stand out. Black mascara and liner is a must Black liner and mascara adds a lot of drama to your eyes so if you are using browns pick black for photo shoot session or when you like to look good on print. Make you eye pop with darker contrast. Blush Never skip blush if you don't want to look wash out under a flash. Blush can enhance your feature, just enough blushes but careful not to overdo it. Smooth Lips Lips need some exfoliating too. To make them appear softer and smoother put a bit of coconut oil and gently scrub with a warm cloth. If you don't want your lips to blend with the rest of your face don't skip your lipstick. Contrast is always best so go bold but opting for nude can also be a good choice. And don't forget a lip liner to enhance your lips. Teeth should be sparkling white Ensure that your teeth are white and clean. Check for lipstick stains on them before posing before the camera. Avoid shadows As much as possible avoid creating shadows and do not put dark shadows under your eyes. Master the positions of not creating shadows on your face or under your chin. Once you find your perfect angle you will look great on any pictures. Add contour Adding contour by applying a bronzer (one or two shades darker) in certain areas of your face like below your cheekbones, below your chin, along both sides of the nose and both sides of your forehead. Then highlight areas on your face that gets hit by the light such as cheekbones, forehead centre, tubercle or cupids bow area, and of course the bridge of your nose. Whiten eyes It's not only teeth that you need to whiten but your eyes as well. You have to get rid of those ugly red lines. You don't want your picture staring at you with bloodshot eyes, do you? Another tip to make your eyes appear larger and alert is to put white shadows on your inner eyes. This will guarantee you a bright eyed look! Lashes Give falsies a chance to give you a beautiful eye. Long lashes can really draw attention to your eyes. Emphasize collar bones Project collar bones and make them leap out by outlining them. This would make you look slimmer and absolutely stunning in photos. Perfect brows Patchy brows are not great to look at and definitely a disaster on cam. So fill out those patches before facing the camera. Blot Don't let the flash catch those sweat and excess oil. Keep tissues in handy to wipe those oils and sweat away from your face. Just a quick dab will do the trick and you will be photo-ready. Shinning shimmery splendid Adding some subtle sparkle to your décolletage will make you look dreamy or magical. Set it Now that we're all done make sure it stays in place and not melt away. Apply some translucent powder on your make up before facing the cam. I hope you learned a lot today. So looking great on pictures are as easy as 123. Just practice until you get it perfect!