Tape in extensions has become a popular choice not only for hair fanatics but to first timers too! While these hair extensions are well-known for safe and quick to install, but it’s undeniable that they still need a gentle touch and a little bit of must-know tips.

When it comes to hair extensions, we would prefer a licensed stylist to install, remove or adjust your tape in extensions move-ups. However, it is also possible to safely remove your tape in extensions on your own and at home, if it’s done with care and following the right steps and products. Here’s an intensive guide from our experts on how you can remove your tape in extensions at home; watch out for step two, you’ll love how easy and convenient it is and watch out for the money you are about to save!

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Watch Video Tutorials And Use Online Resources

You don’t have to go to an actual salon or parlor to get in touch with a professional stylist, most of the time the information you are looking for is just on the internet. The world wide web is amazing; you can watch helpful videos and read step by step instructions on how to remove tape in extensions at home.

Check out our certified HHEO Babe Kirstie Roche give us a quick tutorial on how to become an expert in tape hair extensions removal.

Step 1: Locate where the hair extension is taped on your hair. You can start by sectioning part of your hair to work with. It’s recommended to begin with that hair at the nape of your neck and tying the rest of your hair up, so it gets out of the way.

Step 2: Use tape in hair remover to unbound the tape onto your real hair. Go with HHEO’s tape hair extensions adhesive remover/solvent. Apply a generous amount of the tape in remover solution to ensure that the hair extensions will slide easily when you begin to tug on the real hair. The key is getting that perfect solution for a more natural removal process.

Our experts recommend a clear oil-based remover, same as our very own HHEO’s tape in remover that is specially formulated for tape in extensions removal and made to protect the tape ins too! Using the right product will not only save you time and effort, but it will also keep you from potentially harming your natural hair.  

Remember not to tug on the extensions, tape in extensions are notoriously known to be reusable so using the right solution and efficiently removing the extensions can save you from buying another set of tape in extension the next time you want to use one.

Step 3: Wash your hair with cold water to keep everything tidy. Soon after you have pulled the last section of your hair extensions, there’s usually some tape residue left behind your mane. To keep your hair healthy and clean, you have to wash your hair with cold water since hot water might just melt any remaining tape residue onto the hair and melting it covering the strands. Make sure to rinse a couple of times and work up a good lather of your favorite sulfate free shampoo.

You can also run a comb from your scalp to bottom to ensure that all traces of the tape will be thoroughly removed. Lastly, don’t forget to condition your hair for a smooth and silky finish.

How Would I know I Have To Remove, Replace Or Move Up Tape-In Extensions?

Ideally, HHEO’s tape in extensions can last around six months and have a move-up session with your stylist in three to six weeks after installation. While it’s an easy breezy process, it may also take some time, so you have to plan ahead.

Allocate about two to three hours on a move-up appointment, and if you are a stylist, make sure to inform your client ahead so that they are aware. Replacing or reinstallation of tape in extensions are usually done after four to six months, and it’s to make sure that the adhesive or tapes will still bond to the hair. A move-up session is practiced to ensure that the tape-ins will not slip and since our natural hair is growing, it’s essential to keep the bonds in place for a more natural look. With regards to removal, it’s due to the client’s discretion if they want to switch to another hair extensions method or will just take a rest in using extensions.

It’s essential to be extra-vigilant in move-up sessions and tape-in re-installation; small errors in the re-taping or bonding process may cause early slippage from the hair and extensions. Keep in mind that there’s no shortcut to the process if you want the tape ins to hold!

Who says you have to go the salon for a tape in extension removal? A stylist appointment might be recommended; however, you still have options, you can always try and work things on your own. Just make sure to follow some helpful tips from our experts and if still have some questions? We are here to help and support you with your hair extension journey! You can let us know on our social media sites or chat with our live operators. If you are ready to rock with tape ins, check out our gallery of bold and chic styles. You have a variety of colours and length to choose from by clicking here!