European hair are fine and a bit expensive because of less supply. Indian hair however, closely resembles the texture but is unbelievably budgetwise. Human Hair Extensions Online supplies to high end salons all over Australia the best Indian remy hair. Human hair are graded accordingly depending on their quality. It ranges from grade A to grade AAAAA which is the superior quality 100% remy. Our hair is grade AAA+ which is processed and conditioned to create a hair that last longer after several washes. They stay smooth, shiny and tangle-free for longer period.

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A perfect hair extensions option for Caucasian women is European hair extensions as they have the same texture. Since the supply is hardly abundant compared to that of asian or Indian hair, European is priced a little higher. The hair is smoother, silkier and definitely blends well with fine-haired caucasians.

european hair

It has been observe in the recent years that a flood of substandard hair has entered the hair extensions industry. There has been a lot of reports about customers who have been scammed for their money for buying human hair who claimed to be made of highest quality when its actually not.

Other sellers even claim they’re selling European clip in hair extensions when in fact it is Indian hair just to make a quick buck. So as a customer always be vigilant and alert for any inconsistency in the hair quality and from what they claim it to be.

European or caucasians hair can be wavy, curly or straight and it comes in variety of colours. Colours like lightest blonde to darkest brown and it is mostly fine although it can be medium to coarse in rare cases. This type of hair are usually sourced in Europe and America. But Indian also belongs to this hair type as they share the same characteristics: thin and is oval shaped when cut crosswise.

In every hair extensions installation it is important to remember that the hair extensions should closely match your own hair otherwise you would look utterly ridiculous. The hair extensions would look very obvious which defeats the very purpose of adding volume to your hair naturally. And since Indian hair is classified with the same hair type then it can perfectly match any caucasian women.

A noteworthy information is that the hair will undergo the process of dyeing if you opt for a light coloured hair as Indian are known to have dark hair. So go for dark colours if you wanted a hair free from any chemical processes.

Make your choice now, European clip in hair extensions? Or Indian hair?

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