As more and more women worldwide start wearing human hair extensions, the increasing inquiry on proper hair care is becoming overwhelming for most hair experts. Luckily, more and more hair care brands are also addressing these demands, particularly on specially formulated shampoos and conditioners that can help prolong the lifespan and preserve the quality of hair extensions.

Among the hair care concerns that women talk about in social media groups and forums is the proper way of keeping the hair extensions smooth and silky and what products to best use to achieve this. And one of the becoming popular moisturising products that get a high recommendation is essential oils. Essential oils are indeed useful in many ways- including hair care. Yes! Essentials Oils Are Good For Your Hair Extensions too. And in this article, let’s talk about the different kinds of essential oils you may start using to keep your hair extensions in excellent condition.


Essential Oils are nature’s gift to us. Nowadays, people use them mostly for skin moisturising, relaxation, and to help lift mood and spirit because of how good it smells. People who enjoy diffusers (tagging myself) can attest to how essential oils can help change the mood and the ambiance of your surroundings and how relaxing it makes one feel. 

But did you know that you can use essential oils for your hair and hair extensions too? It goes a long way to when people use extracts from plants and use them to keep their hair smooth and silky. With the help of top-notch technologies, we have various shampoos and conditioners available on the market. Still, many prefer to go natural with their hair, making essential oils their best “go-to” product.


Lavender Oil

Lavender Oils is highly regarded as a healthy hair grower. Yes! It’s not just for body massages, babe. According to studies in 2016, Lavender Oil helped improve the number of hair follicles during a clinical test conducted on a specimen. It also contains anti-microbial properties, which is an excellent factor in addressing scalp issues like annoying dandruff.

Rosemary Oil

You ‘re hitting two birds with one stone with Rosemary Oil. It is known for its soothing effect and hair benefits, such as helping delay the hair from turning grey (yes, that grey highlight we say?). Rosemary Oil is also widely used on hair treatments on the market right now as it helps nourish the hair making it smooth and silky. You can give it a try on your old clip in hair extension lying around your storage and see how that dry and frizzy hair transforms dramatically.

Peppermint Oil

Thinning hair? Or let’s say you didn’t have the thick hair genes? You may want to give Peppermint oil a go! According to a 2014 clinical study, Mentha Piperita, also known as Peppermint, promotes hair growth without toxic signs than artificial products like topical creams or solutions heavily marketed today. Aside from the hair growth benefit, it gives a cooling effect to the scalp. This oil is recommended, especially if you are a hair extensions Sydney brand user during the hot summer. Your scalp will thank and love you for it, and your extensions will remain smooth and smelling oh so good!

Cedarwood Oil

Troubled with your bald spots? You may want to try applying Cedarwood Oil on those spots. This oil helps stimulate the scalp, which promotes hair follicles to thrive. You may also use this if you are suffering from alopecia or similar conditions.

Tea Tree Oil

Bugged with dandruff and dry scalp? Apply a few drops of this tea tree oil to the affected area. Tea Tree Oil is prevalent on most skincare products for its antibacterial properties, making it an excellent treatment for your scalp problems.

Chamomile Oil

Did you know that you can achieve lighter hair without using commercial hair dyes? Ow yes, baby! Chamomile Oil can do the trick! Although it is not as intense as what hair colouring products can do if you are not in a rush and want always to go natural, check this out! Chamomile is also everyone’s favourite for it’s relaxing smell and soothing effect on our skin and scalp. 

There are lots of other essential oils available that are amazingly beneficial for our hair, skin, and other uses. And they all pretty much help nourish our hair and hair extensions by keeping it moisturised without unnecessary chemicals, unlike heavily commercialised hair treatments. However, with our hair, no two are the same. Conducting a patch test before doing the whole set of hair extensions is highly recommended to determine if you are happy with what one oil can do or if you feel that you need to try other essential oils.

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