Have you ever thought about why dreadlocks have stood the test of time and will continue to stick around for centuries? Just because it’s literally the coolest hairstyle ever! You can have dreadlocks the natural way by neglecting to comb, brushing and cutting hair, but it will take many years for the dreads to mature and look the way you want it. That’s why synthetic dreadlock extensions are around, and you can instantly transform your look and get that Rastafari kick that you are dreaming of.

Nowadays, Synthetic dreadlock extensions are becoming way popular than ever before, not only because it’s much affordable than the real thing, but the options and designs are limitless. You can stand out with your persona, and there will never be a color commitment since you can be as playful as you can with hair colors and still rock.

Excited in joining the dreaded side? Or maybe you just had your new synthetic dreads. Here are five essential tips you must know to make sure your synthetic dreads can last.

Caring Spray

To ensure that your skin and hair have proper nourishment while wearing your dreadlocks, make sure to use a conditioning spray. This creates a protective sheen both on your dreads and skin. Make sure to condition your scalp and prepare your natural hair for the new dreads. Aloe and tea tree oil can do the trick!

Create Your Own Spray Mist

Keep your dreads fresh by creating your personal spray mist. You can mix a quarter part of your favorite fabric softener and three parts water. With the help of the spray bottle, you can easily part the solution and spread it all over your dreads.

Wear Night Caps

Sleeping might be a problem for those who have semi-permanent and permanent extensions since constant hair friction is common when on the bed. This causes frizz and usually a bad hair day, even with dreadlocks. Make sure to wear a satin hair net before going to bed.

Skip Washing Often

With synthetic dreads, you don’t need to wash them often. Once a week will do, or just as necessary since frequent washing will cause your synthetic extension to fizz up and creates a messy unmaintained look. Less washing can prolong the lifespan of your dreads and keeps the neat and tidy look. Use cold water when rinsing your synthetic extensions and make sure to air dry them. For clip in dreads, make sure to hand wash them instead of thinking about using the washing machine since the wool dreads might shrink.

Remove Your Dreads Every Three Months

It’s important to change your dread extensions after wearing them for about three months especially if you have a permanent extension since wearing them longer can lead into your hair to knot and combing your natural hair will get more difficult. If you still wish to wear your cool pieces, make sure to brush your natural locks, wash and dry them before putting the dreads again. One best advantage of synthetic dreads is, with proper care and maintenance- you can use them more than once. Absolutely perfect!