The Essential First Timer’s Guide to Buying Hair Extensions article image by Human Hair Extensions Online

Hair extensions are excellent hair accessories that you can buy to achieve that perfect look everyday. Although the easiest way of getting hair extensions is by going to a salon, this approach can be quite expensive. Instead, you can buy hair extensions online and learn how to install them yourself.


To ensure that you get the best hair extensions in Sydney, here is a simple and quick shopping guide you need to follow:


  • Hair Extension Type


Hair extensions are categorised based on how they are installed or attached to your natural hair. Clip in hair extensions are temporary hair extensions that you can install and remove whenever you want. They are easy to install with or without the assistance of a hair stylist. Tape in hair extensions on the other hand is the fastest method of application. A volume application usually takes 10 to 30 minutes and full-length application takes 40 to 60 minutes only. Quality tape in hair extensions can last for a few weeks to a few months with proper care and maintenance.


  • Virgin Human Hair Extensions


The best hair extensions are made from 100% human virgin hair. Although they are more expensive than Remy hair extensions, human hair looks better and lasts longer, too. Remy hair extensions are also made from human virgin hair but are treated by chemicals before or during the production stage. Ideally, set aside a budget for human virgin hair extensions as they will remain in good shape for a longer period of time.


  • Hair Extensions Care and Maintenance


As hair extension prices are generally expensive, you need to learn about care and maintenance to ensure they last for a longer period of time. For one, refrain from pulling out your hair extensions. Pulling out hair extensions after use may result in permanent damage. Be cautious when picking out styling products for your hair, too. If possible, try to avoid placing your hair extensions on a braid before sleeping as this can lead to deformity. You also need to be diligent in brushing your hair extensions regularly so they retain their sleek and shiny qualities.


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