There’s just something about colors that people love. A simple color can add life and beauty to something dull, boring and unattractive that’s why everybody is drawn to it. That’s one of the main reasons why most women dye their hair. Dying one’s hair can enhance a woman’s appearance and make her achieve her best look. It can transform the unnoticed girl to a head turner.

Woman in Hair Extension

Well, it sure does make you more beautiful however, dying your natural hair offers you a lot of advantages but has some disadvantages that come along with it too. It could actually harm and ruin your natural hair in the long run. That’s just sad right? But hey, don’t feel bad because you can still add color to your hair and achieve the look you desire without risking your natural hair. Wanna know the secret to it? Hair Extensions!

Human Hair Extension

Yes, wearing dyed human hair extensions will give you equally or even more satisfying results than dying your natural hair and guess what? You no longer have to suffer the consequences of dying your own hair. Wearing dyed human hair extensions is your best option if you wish to keep your hair chemical-free and naturally healthy. Although, there are a lot of hair extensions in the market, we highly recommend that you use remy human hair extensions for these are the best when it comes to quality and you can pretty much do anything with it, you can treat them just like your own hair. But do remember that hair extensions don’t repair like your natural hair does, so limit the amount of times your colour/tone them. Since, you badly want to add life to your hair, here we will teach you the steps on how to dye your human hair extensions to get that stunningly vibrant look you’ve been dreaming of.

Woman Wearing Hair Extensions

Here are five simple and easy steps on how to dye human hair extensions:

  1. Preparation

After choosing the perfect colour to match your hair and to suit your personality, you may now start by preparing the products you need.

Here’s a list of them:

  • Hair dye
  • Developer
  • Pair of gloves for protection
  • Bowl for mixing
  • Brush
  • Conditioner
  1. Prepare hair colour mixture

Put on your gloves and mix the appropriate amount of hair dye and developer in a bowl. To be exact, read the instructions written on your hair dye container. If you don’t have a developer you may use a conditioner instead. Mixing both will help you achieve your desired shade.

  1. Clean your extensions and free them from tangles

Before applying the mixture to your extensions, make sure that they are clean. If you have applied some styling products to your extensions, wash it out and let your extensions dry. Cleaning your extensions will help the dye stick on to them thus, creating a more satisfying result. Free them from tangles by gently combing them using a soft comb.

  1. Apply mixture to your hair extensions

Once you’re done cleaning your hair extensions, you may now proceed to applying the mixture you have prepared earlier. To make sure that you have already achieved the shade you want, you may test the mixture out first on a paper or a foil perhaps. If you’re already satisfied with it, evenly brush onto your hair extensions. After coating your extensions, leave them on a towel for about 15- 20 minutes to allow the mixture to set. It may take longer though, depending on what your hair dye manufacturer recommends.

  1. Rinse out and apply conditioner

Rinse out the dye from your extensions with warm water. After which, apply some conditioner on to your extensions and gently comb through them. Then rinse out the conditioner with cold water this time. Lastly, let your extensions dry, it would be best if you just air-dry them instead of using a blow dryer.

Now you’re done! You now have your dyed human hair extensions which makes them all the more special because you have dyed them on your own. Now, doesn’t that give you a great sense of accomplishment? I bet you’re excited to try them on! Okay, try them on already and go turn some heads wherever you go.