Weddings are probably the biggest and most memorable day in a woman’s life. Having your dream wedding come to reality and just see every detail materializing will definitely bring you chills and full of thrill. But of course, the highlight of every wedding is the bride- you! Everyone will be looking at you, all lights are on you. You are basically, the queen.

Here’s the ultimate guide to achieving your dream wedding hair using hair extensions!

Get Your Dream Wedding Hair Using Hair Extensions

On your wedding day, everything should be perfect. From the venue setup, flower arrangements, to your wedding dress, shoes, makeup and hair do. You deserve perfection.

Now, oftentimes, people are more focused on the details of the wedding gown, the venue setup that they forget how important the hairdo can be. The hairdo completes the entire look and it is crucial that you choose a hairstyle that compliments your wedding dress and your makeup.

To help make things easy for you, here’s a checklist that you should consider to get your picture-perfect, dream wedding hair using hair extensions.

The Wedding-Worthy Hair Extensions

The first assignment is to pick the perfect hair extensions for your wedding day. You would know if it’s the perfect one, if no one notices that it is faux hair- meaning it looks so natural that it’s hard to tell you’ve got hair extensions on. Applying incompatible hair extensions will not be an absolute nightmare, but it will definitely be embarrassing and will likely ruin your overall wedding look.

If you are going for an updo with a ponytail as your base, you may want to get 100% remy ponytail human hair extensions. Or if you and your hairdresser are planning to just go for a romantic flowy and wavy hair, a set of clip-in hair extensions will help level up that style. Of course, what we love about clip-in extensions is that you can take them off after the wedding party. However, if you want to keep that voluminous long hair and go for something permanent, you may want to consider getting tape-in extensions.

The Perfect Hair Colour Match

Though even Hollywood stars stumble upon this huge hair extensions blunder, getting the best hair colour to match your natural hair is important. Now of course, if you can change your hair colour or just stick with your natural one, either way, you need to make sure that the hair extensions colour you’re getting will blend flawlessly. Getting the wrong colour will not only make your hair extensions noticeable, but it’s going to definitely ruin your hairdo. You can also go for highlights and balayage. Lucky for you, these colours are available on different hair extensions types. 

If you are having a hard time choosing the right colour, you can always request for a free colour matching service from hair extensions companies or from your hairdresser.

The Perfect Hair Preparation

Getting the best hairdo means, you have to have a good hair base. Preparing your hair extensions before styling it can make or break your look. Use the proper hair extensions shampoo and conditioner, and use moisturising products designed for human hair extensions. If you are going to use heat styling tools like curling wands, you may want to spritz some heat protectant spray before styling.

Just like natural hair, hair extensions also require TLC to help prolong its lifespan and keep it shiny, soft and tangle-free.

The Perfect Hair Slate

Now that your hair is in its perfect state, it’s time to style it. For weddings, the most popular style is an updo or flowy hair with braids. Or if you’re having a hard time choosing, you can always go for a combination of both, why not?

To style your hair easily and give it more body, you can always curl your hair first and create loose waves using your favourite curling wands or hair iron. This way, you will have the right texture and volume to work on.

Remember, your wedding day is going to be your most memorable, once-in-a-lifetime experience as you turn a  new page in your life. So make the most out of it, and don’t be afraid to strive for perfection, of course, that includes your hair sweetheart. We know that wedding preparation takes a lot of work, but do not forget to also take your hair seriously. So when you look back on your wedding photos years from now, you’ll feel happy and proud at how gorgeous and radiant you looked on your very special day.