Tape-in Hair Extensions are today’s most sought after hair extension types on the market and have been around for a while. Many women, especially those who are always on the go, prefer this semi-permanent method as it saves them time on installation. A lot of questions are around tape-in extensions and their function. However, amongst all other inquiries, we cannot seem to stop talking about one thing. Do Tape-In Extensions Damage Your Hair? Let’s find out.

If this is your first time shopping hair extensions, choosing the right type of application method can be overwhelming at times, given the various options and advantages each approach offers. Most of the time, we are all guilty of just jumping on what’s trending. It’s easier that way. However, we also need to remember what works for others may not work for us. Research is a must before we even go adding items into our shopping cart. We consider the basics of each hair extension type, but most of all, we must factor in lifestyle, the look we want to achieve, and how much money we are willing to invest in human hair extensions.

Speaking of what’s trending, Tape-In Hair Extensions Australia brand is one of the most raved methods, as stated earlier. It’s a semi-permanent method where extensions are taped on to your natural hair. It will help save a lot of time on installation, and since it is made from pure human hair, it blends flawlessly with your hair. People won’t even recognize that you have some filler hair on. But let’s take a closer look at some other facts about tape extensions.


Tape in hair extensions is considered as a semi-permanent type. HHEO Tape-ins can last you up to 24 months with proper care and maintenance. However, this method will require retaping every 6 to 8 weeks, or depending on how fast your natural hair grows as the tapes will move further away from your roots.


Although some girls go for DIY installation (probably they are already pros or a hairdresser by profession), we highly recommend getting a professional hairdresser to do the installation. It requires some added steps that are best done by professionals.

The way it’s done, the back strip of the adhesive is removed (similar to how you peel off your stickers). A thin section of your hair goes in between extensions, basically sandwiching it between tape extensions. Your hair must be sectioned adequately. This is the reason why professional hairdressers are necessary for installing tape-ins.

Installing the hair extensions too close to the scalp can make removal difficult later on, which can also damage your hair if not correctly done, and the more likely it is to tangle with your hair. Professional hairdressers always leave enough room between your scalp and the adhesive part of the tape extensions.

The application process may take 45 minutes or more, depending on how thick you want your hair. Also, to ensure that your extensions blend perfectly with your hair, get professional help in colour matching when shopping for tape-ins.


Tape in removal requires professional help. Do not attempt to DIY this process. A special adhesive remover spray or solution is used to break down the sticky part of the tape, so it’s easier for the hairdresser to remove and ensure that there are no residues left on the hair.

If you want to avoid using the adhesives and chemicals to remove your tape extensions, you may want to consider getting clip in hair extensions Afterpay so you can shop now and pay later.


Let’s be honest. Tape-in extensions can damage your hair just like any human hair extensions out there if not installed, removed, and cared for properly. It does not mean that it will damage your hair for sure, but the possibility is always there if no proper care is done.

To avoid potential damage to hair, especially during removal, it’s best to hire a professional hairdresser to do the job for you.

HHEO Tape in extensions is safe and easy to use. However, it will still require you to be cautious when using them. If you are not ready to use tape-in extensions, you can always shop for HHEO Clip-in Extensions and get that instantly long and voluminous hair.