One of the most iconic ponytail users in the music industry is the young pop star Ariana Grande who has made ponytail her signature look. From world tour concerts to live TV show guesting, this babe rocks her ponytail hair like a goddess!

Although ponytail hair extensions are considered one of the easiest and quickest hair extension methods, just like any hair extensions, there are fundamental rules to observe when caring for your human hair ponytail extensions.

In this article, let’s talk about the Do’s and Dont’s of Ponytail Hair Extensions and things you can do to make your ponytail extensions last longer, plus keep it fresh looking.

Do’s and Dont’s of Ponytail


Okay, one of the cardinal rules in caring for human hair extensions Brisbane brands is to avoid sulfate-containing shampoo and conditioners. Yes! You must have read this several times in magazines, blogs, or you may have encountered this in one of the YouTube Vlogs from your favourite beauty and fashion influencers. 

Sulfate, as we all know, is a potent cleaning chemical found in most household cleaning products such as bath soap, laundry soaps, shampoo, and conditioner. Sulfate is why we see foamy textures when lathering the shampoo and water mixture into our hair. Sulfate cleanses your hair from all dirt and oil from, and too much use of this will remove the natural oils and dry your hair strand, which brings us to the reason why it’s terrible for hair extensions like ponytails. Extensions are not capable of self-hydrating or self-repair as they are no longer rooted in our scalp. To prevent your hair ponytail extensions from becoming dry, frizzy and prone to damages, switch your shampoo and conditioner to a sulfate-free one. 


In addition to not using sulfate products, ponytails are not supposed to be washed daily, even if you wear them every day. Wash them only when it has already accumulated a lot of dust or dirt if it smells or it’s sweaty due to working out at the gym. 

To keep it clean and smelling fresh, spritz some dry shampoo on, and it should do the trick!


Unlike tape-in extensions, where you can sleep comfortably at night with those tapes on, with a ponytail, it’s the total opposite. See, similar to clip-in extensions, a ponytail comes with a snap or clip that will hold onto your ponytail’s base. The clip alone can tug your hair while you sleep and can add more pressure to your scalp. In the morning, you may feel some parts of your scalp painful or irritated. Continuous use of ponytail extension while sleeping can potentially cause bald spots too, as the clip can pull the hair out with constant or non-stop use.

Ponytail extensions are designed to be used on special occasions to help you amp up that ponytail sleek, chic look. You may use it daily for work, but mostly used for special events. Do not forget to always take it off before hitting the sack at the end of the day.


After partying with your fabulous ponytail hair extensions, do not forget to take it off from your hair and store it well. Do not roll and throw it into a drawer! Doing this may tangle your hair faster and eventually lead to damages like frizziness and breakage.

After using the hair, comb it using a detangling brush and apply moisturising oil like Moroccan oil or Argan oil to reinforce the moisture and shine of every hair strand. Once done, put all the air together and gently twist and roll the hair forming like a donut. Do not twist too tight, just right to keep all hair strands in place. Then grab a box and place it inside. You may also use an extension bag with a hanger. Clip the ponytail weft part onto the hanger of the bag and zip it up to avoid dust from getting in.

Treating hair extensions like an investment is a must! Human Hair Extensions do not come cheap, but it sure does guarantee a flawless look that no one can even tell that you have extensions on.