The plait may be a simple hairstyle, but it is functional and pretty. It is also easy to make and comes in a number of different styles that allow you to express your personality effectively.

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Want to sport plaited hair for a day? Highlighted below are a few of the best ways to plait your real hair and the Human Hair Extensions Online products set amongst them.

Basic Plait
Straighten all your hair. Smooth, straight hair is required for this hairstyle. To achieve this, condition your locks upon washing, then brush every single strand as well as any hair clip ins until these straighten.

Divide your hair. Take all strands. Part your hair to three sections: middle, left, and right.

Cross the right portion. While still holding the three divisions, move the right part over the top portion of the middle division.

Cross the left division. Once you have done the above, move the left division over what used to be the right division (now the middle division.

Repeat the previous two steps until you reach the ends of your hair.

Tie your hair to secure it.

French Plait
Brush your hair until you have straightened every strand. Smooth, straight hair is necessary for this hairdo, so make sure you brush it after washing off the conditioner.

Separate the topmost part of your hair. You can use a hair pick or your hands when doing this task. Separate your hair into three portions: left, right, and middle.

Cross left and right portions. Plait your hair in the same manner mentioned above. But when crossing one section over, make sure to incorporate additional hair strands from that section, together with that section which you cross.

Repeat until you have plaited the three divisions of hair strands.

Tie your hair. You may secure your hair using a ribbon, band, or clip. Choose what hair tie suits you best.

Plaited Headband
Apply conditioner. Conditioner helps straighten and smoothen your hair.

Brush your hair until you have straightened every strand. Smooth hair is very important for this hairstyle, after all.

Separate your hair using a pencil or hair pick. The separated hair will be used to create the headband. Hair on the left and right sides of the head will be needed, but you should begin on one side. Hair at the opposite side should be secured until you are ready.

Tie the remaining hair back with a clip or band.

Begin the French plait. Do the steps of the French plait mentioned above at the first section that you separated. Move down to the back of the neck, making sure to follow your hair’s edge as you move along.

Plait as normal upon reaching the top part of the neck. Then tie your braid after a number of twists. Repeat the above steps and this step with the section of hair opposite the one you just finished working on.

Tie off your hair. You can use any stylish hairband to secure your hair at the end, specifically at the point where strands are too short to plait.