Dreadlocks have always been an underdog when it comes to hair trend/style, but it’s surprising that it’s starting to gain popularity in society nowadays. There are various reasons why people opt to wear dreads, commonly as a strong fashion statement by replicating the styles of famous personalities who wear dreads. Wearing dreadlocks is seen as a cool thing to do, and becoming a viable alternative to those women who have been frustrated with their natural hair due to chemicals, heat, and styling. As with any hair trend, wearing dreads is an individual choice, and no matter how exciting it is to have a total Rastafari makeover, not everyone is ready to have dreads. Having natural dreadlocks requires lots of efforts and maintenance and the process is time-consuming, however, thanks to the now readily available dreadlocks extensions, your dream look!

Hair extensions have been a lifesaver for those people who are always battling with their locks when it comes to achieving the style they prefer, and there are different types of hair extensions out there in the market. As for dreadlock hair extensions, you can have synthetic hair extensions within a price range of $30-$150AUD or high-quality human hair extensions that roughly costs $100-$500 AUD, depending on the volume, pieces, and length.

Both hair extension type serves their purpose. Of course, human hair dreadlock extensions will be the best choice if you want a natural look and feel; it offers versatility and the freedom to style your dreads. Synthetics, on the other hand, will not let you down when it comes to having a seamless look that looks like the real thing with excellent value for money. Speaking of money and savings, we may want to know more about these hair extension types and how long they usually last and what can we do to make them last even longer.

Human Hair Dreads vs. Synthetic Dreads

With the naked eye, it is hard to spot the difference between synthetic and human hair dreadlock extensions. You have to touch and feel them identify the material used; a human hair is softer and more flexible. It also behaves and blends naturally with your own hair. Human hair can be dyed, heat and blow dried but it’s still recommended to find a colour specialist who can help out if you are planning to dye your human hair dreadlock extensions.  As for the dreadlocks synthetic counterpart, what we love the most is the lightweight feeling while wearing one. Other than it’s hardly noticeable, its the most affordable choice especially for first-timers.

How Long Can Dreadlock Extensions Last?

Human Hair Dreadlock extensions – with proper care and maintenance can last for years. Usually 2-3 years lifespan but we also encountered stories of people wearing ten years old permanent dreadlocks extensions without any problem or complications. Many experts typically recommend wearing dreads 5-6 years only since the natural hair should be long enough that an extension won’t be needed.

Synthetic Dreads – usually last 6-12 weeks before it requires replacements or detaching. Make sure to avoid constant heat exposure, and it’s also essential to keep them clean by washing them.

Here are also some helpful tips in maintaining your dreadlocks, especially if you have human hair dreadlocks extensions that are quite challenging to maintain. These are proven facts from the experts that’s proven to lengthen the life of your human hair dreadlock extensions.

Rumor: You do not wash dreadlocks.

Fact: You need to keep your scalp clean, if you don’t wash your hair it will be stinking. Dreadlocked hair and human hair dreadlock extensions need to be cleaned and washed regularly. You can try washing your dreads once to twice weekly and use sulfate -free products to avoid dryness and damaging the hair.

Rumor: Only black people can rock dreads.

Fact: It may be easier for black people to have a smooth dreads due to their natural hair texture but its completely possible and cool for everyone to try dreads. If you can’t have dreads naturally, dreadlocks extensions will do!

Rumor: You cannot sleep with your dreadlocks extensions on.

Fact: If you have a permanent human hair dreadlock extension, it’s advisable to sleep on silk. It’s totally fun to let your dreadlocks free during the daytime, but when it comes to bed, it is important to tie them into a high ponytail or better yet secure them with a bonnet or sleep in silk to avoid frizz.

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