The hair extensions production made and is still making a massive contribution to the beauty industry.

Through the years, this industry has introduced a wide range of selections to their consumers. From hair extension types, lengths, styles and textures, and their extensive and continuously growing colour line-up.

However, these are just some of the factors that consumers look into when exploring for the best hair extensions in the market. One of the most crucial question when buying hair extensions is, “ Where is the hair from?” Truly, this seems to be the million dollar question right? While 99% of the companies who are into the hair extension industry CLAIM to be offering 100% European Hair (Most are lying to you), we at HHEO is proud to share with you our high-grade Remy Asian hair extension products.

It hasn’t really been stated as to how and when Asian hair stereotyping began, however among all of the hair types, the Asian hair has the most stigma of having poor quality. The reality is, it’s equal or even better than those other most raved hair types.



Debunking Asian Hair Stereotyping article image by Human Hair Extensions Online

Strength and Versatility

Asian Hair, especially from the eastern side of Asia has the most versatile hair.  As proven by the numerous hairstyles in the Asian culture like the popular Harajuku,  it is evident that the Asian hair is easy to adapt to different hairstyles and can easily take in colour when being toned. This hair type is also stronger than most hair types as it is more resilient and is less susceptible to hair loss than other hair types that are being offered.

Thicker Than Most Hair Types

Now I know many of you may not concur with this, but Asian hair is thicker than most hair types out there. Now how is this even possible? Let’s look at it in a scientific perspective.

The cuticles of Asian hair are much thicker than other hair. Hair cuticles are the protective layer that keeps the inner protein structure of our hair intact. Generally, human hair has between 5 to 10 cuticle layers. Other hair types contain close to 5, while Asian hair has more and closer to 10.

The diameter of Asian hair is two times thicker than Caucasians and other hair types. This is the exact explanation as to why Asians have fuller looking hair compared to others despite the fewer strand counts that they have which is an average of 500,000 per person versus 700,000.

Naturally Sleek Straight

This happens to be our favourite about Asian hair. I know a lot of you ladies sometimes struggle to get those locks straightened and you end up plugging those straighteners and just spend time getting them right.

Cold Hard facts

It’s important you know that 99% of the worlds hair extension market sell Asian or Indian hair. Indian hair is very fine so is rarely used by hair extension factories for blonde colours like #60 and #613, the blondes are almost always Asian hair as it still holds quality after it’s been coloured. 99.9% or companies in Australia who claim to have Russian or European hair are only stating this to get your money.

So it is crucial to do a careful research before spending your hard earned money on hair extensions. Don’t get tricked by big brand names on ads. Choose your store wisely and get the most out of the best hair extensions that will surely be worth every cent spent.

HHEO offers premium grade 100%  Asian remy human hair extensions with a wide array of colours and lengths to surely match your hairstyles and requirements. Get your very own hair extension set today by clicking HERE or call 1300 489 337.