We know a girl who constantly changes her hairstyle and never fails to amaze us most of the time. Similar to celebrities, she switches from one hairstyle to another as if like magic. Just the other day she had straight hair, today she had wavy tresses. She has kept us guessing what her hair would look like the next day. Her secret? Hair styling tools and hair extensions. If you prefer quicker results with zero damage, a set of superior quality hair extensions is what you need. Good thing, Human Hair Extensions Online offers class A remy human hair products which are proven to be durable and non-damaging.

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Straight hair is attractive but can be boring when you have it every single day. It’s a good idea to put variation to your hairstyle since people always want to see something new. If you have naturally straight locks, it would be best to curl them sometimes for a change. However, some girls are hesitant to apply heat to their locks because they fear that their strands might get damaged as a result. This is true in most cases though, if heat tools are constantly used for hairstyling. That’s the one thing that’s holding back most girls from curling their tresses. But you don’t have to worry about a thing because their are a number ways you can achieve curly locks without using heat. Here are easy ways you can achieve beautiful curls without subjecting your much loved locks to heat.

1. Tiny buns

This is a fairly easy way of curling your locks but takes longer time than other methods. For best results, do this at night, right before you go to bed. Leave them overnight and remove the bobby pins in the morning. Right before you start, we recommend you wash your locks first and let them dry. After which, section your tresses and roll each section til it’s snug against your scalp, then secure it using at least 2 bobby pins. In the morning, gently remove the pins one by one and untwirl the little buns. Carefully separate the curls with your fingers. Avoid brushing your locks as this will destroy the curls. You can adjust the curls in any way you want. If you want more twisted ones, create smaller sections. But if you prefer looser ones, create thicker sections instead. To finish, apply hairspray to hold the curls.

2. Braid

This is the best and easiest method to use if you want soft beach waves. All you need to have is a hairspray and at least two durable hair ties. Wash your locks first and wait until it is about 70 percent dry. Divide your mane into two and braid both sides. If you want to see curls just the ends of your locks, create regular braids from each side starting below your ears. However, if you want braids that start at the roots, opt for french or boxer braids instead. Make sure that each braid is tight and well secured so that it won’t appear frizzy when you remove the hair ties. Keep in mind to only remove the hair ties when hair is completely dry. You may keep the braids intact as you sleep and just undo them when you wake up in the morning. Carefully finger comb your strands as you undo the each braid then apply hairspray afterwards.

3. Wear curly ponytail extensions

If you prefer to have instant gorgeous and voluminous curly locks, a curly ponytail extension is your best option. With this type of extension, you can easily give yourself an in instant makeover by having a stylish ponytail. There are two types of ponytail extension you can choose from, clip in or wrap around ponytail. Both can be attached to your head in just a few minutes. If you still don’t have one, grab a top class ponytail extension now from a trusted hair extension supplier.