I don’t know any woman who will not love to have glorious hair everyday. I mean, who hates fabulous hair everyday? Ask any woman you know they will all have the same answer- hair is the greatest style investment a woman can have. Therefore invest only in reliable products that has been proven through the years. Human Hair Extensions Online provides salons and individual clients a superior hair extensions that is built to last. It has been proven and tested by hundreds of our customer who kept coming back for more.

And here is what they have to say:


There has been a lot of mishap with hair extensions recorded in the past that might have disheartened a number of women but the secret really lies in the factors given below. You can achieve a natural look and make them blend seamlessly with your own hair. Whether its a straight or curly clip in hair extensions you can executive a perfect get up just mind these 4 hair extensions rule.

curly clip in hair extensions

Find a perfect match to your hair colour
A simple rule that has a lot of common sense into it. If you aim for your extensions to look like your own then you’ll have to find the hair tone which closely match your own. Although I must say a shade lighter or darker than your hair can also be a good enough match but application will have to make it appear like a high or lowlights. Rule of thumb in looking for your right tone, use the ends of your hair as a gauge in looking for the right shade.

Always choose 100% remy human hair
Nothing looks more natural than using a human hair for your hair extensions. Not only does it look like your own hair it is the best hair quality than synthetic hair. Aside from looking natural you can also enjoy styling it they way you normally do with your own hair. It would be desirable to choose straight extensions if you have straight hair and likewise with curly, or wavy hair.

Technique and proper application is vital
Remember the hair extensions malfunctions I was telling you earlier? This is the main reason why it happens, they were not properly installed to your hair. Different methods have different ways to apply and it can be done only by professional hairdresser. Clip in hair extensions on the other hand is one of the easiest to install. It can be done in the comfort of your home. Just follow step by step guide in youtube to get it done properly.

Style it, make it look your own
Cut and style the extensions after it has been installed to make it seem like your own hair. This job can be best done by a professional hairstylist as they have been trained to this. Trust me you would look impeccably natural.

Straight or curly clip in hair extensions, would look spontaneously natural if you put into use what you just learned after reading this article.