– Get coloured hair extensions!

Human Hair Extension Online - colour-wheel

For all the trendsetters out there hair extensions may not be new to you, but for the newbies, extensions are one exciting way to change your look in an instant.  With the variety of styles to choose from and the wide range of colours to suit your mood and style you will never be out of ideas.

Who says you can’t have hair in neon colours? That’s an old fashioned statement… it’s outdated. Just ask Rihanna with her red hair… we imagine she’s feeling sexier than ever – and her hair reflects it.

Now more women are thinking out of the box – daring to be different.  With colours varying from blondes, brunette, redheads, blue, purple and yellow to even vivid greens, what more could you want?

The hair colour you choose would depends entirely on your character. If you are the adventurous type then something bright and striking is definitely for you. Meanwhile if you are the exact opposite then go for a darker hue.

You can also opt for clip-ins if you want to experience an almost instant makeover for your hair. Their-do it-yourself application is so easy.

Whatever colour you choose, make sure you follow proper regimen for caring for those precious hair extensions. Regular washing with the prescribed shampoo and conditioner is a must, regular shampoos might contain oils and sulphates which can harm your extensions.

Brushing is also highly recommended just to prevent matting. There are brushes specifically intended for hair extensions, learn what is right for you.

To brush your hair properly, you need to hold your hair extensions firmly around the attachments. Begin brushing the ends of the hair working your way up. Upon reaching your scalp, use your looper brush to get into the scalp between the bonds. Ordinary brushes can get caught in your hair extensions attachments and destroy them so we must at all instances avoid this.

Take note of the date you need to revisit your hairdresser for re-application as this is important to avoid mishaps and continue to enjoy your new found love… yourcoloured hair extensions.

Recreate yourself and have a colourful Valentine’s Day…