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Colouring your hair can be a very exciting feat, especially when you are looking forward for the transformation. But mind you, there are several advantages to colouring your hair and then there can be caveats to go with it too. So let us discuss the good, bad and the evil in dyeing your hair.

coloured red hair

Hair dyeing has been practiced since the Cleopatra Era, where they used henna leaves to naturally colour their locks. If they had limited colour choices then, it's different now. All sorts of colours are readily available over the counter, which is a great advantage if you wanted to spice up your hair.

You now have the option to do a permanent or semi-permanent hair colour depending on what you are after. Coloring your hair can be easily done at home just follow the instructions carefully to avoid mishap. It is relatively easy to change your appearance and improve your style. This can really boost your self confidence, especially when the colour you picked compliments your skin tone and facial features.

Taking time to do your own little research on what looks best for you based on your features and skin tone, can save you time rather just pick out a colour randomly without consulting or reading stuffs to guide you on your choice of hair tone.

So a word of caution – do not play “know-it-all” person. It pays to be patient and ask, consult and google, it is definitely safer. As they say it is better to be safe than sorry.

The downside of dyeing your hair is that it can turn your hair dry and brittle, because the chemicals will strip all your natural oils on your scalp. Deep conditioning is therefore recommended to lessen the drying effects of hair colours.

Remember, you always have to weigh the pros and cons before deciding.