Clip-ins are one of the popular methods on the market. They are great for first timers as you get the chance to know if you actually would like to wear hair extensions or not. They are perfect for someone who only wants to wear them as they please, such as special events or over the weekend.

If you do find that you’re wearing clip in extensions everyday you’d be better off looking at a more permanent hair extension option like tape in hair extensions. With these beauties you only need to have them refitted every 8 weeks, this will save you a lot more time and energy if you were to wear them that often.

We sell clip in sets and in various different lengths and sizes. We have 20 inch (51cm), 22 inch (56cm), 24 inch (61cm)—the 20 inch being the most popular not only in clip in hair extensions; but for all other extension methods in the industry.

We cater for all different hair thicknesses and volumes. We have a 100g, 130g and 260g set in our 20” clip in range. The 260g set is becoming more and more popular because girls want a lot more volume in their hair. This set sells for $245 and it comes in 14 different colours including black, brown, blonde and mixed colours. Human Hair Extensions Online has been selling these extensions for over 5 years and has gone through a bunch of suppliers; but now has found extremely high quality supplier and we will be sticking to this quality.

There are a lot of low quality hair extensions on the online market which you have to be very careful of. If the price is cheap there is a very high chance that you’re buying non-Remy hair. It’s a common thing on the market and basically your hair will knot-up and be unmanageable after the first couple of washes.

Clip in hair extensions from Human Hair Extensions Online come in various different piece sets, we sell anywhere from 5 to 10 piece sets. It really depends on what the customers prefer. We personally find that the 5-piece set is much easier to use because it’s only 5 pieces. Therefore easier to install and quicker to take out compared to a 10 piece set—where 4 of the pieces are quite small anyway. A lot of customers will leave the smaller pieces out instead of installing them.
Our clip in extensions are triple wefted, they have a lace behind the clips which makes them look very high end and adds comfort. We sell these exact hair extensions to hundreds of salons all over Australia. All who are very happy with the quality and continue to order frequently to sell onto their customers. Being a salon quality brand, we have built up an extremely good reputation throughout the hair industry.

Clip in hair extensions are extremely low maintenance and very easy to look after. Once you try them I can guarantee that you will not be removing them any time soon. If you feel they’re dirty you can wash them and hang them out to dry. If they’re not dirty enough to wash then hanging up to air out is advised, this way they’ll be ready next time you want them!

To maintain their silky smooth quality at times it is advised to add oil or a protein to revitalize the hair. The hair can be curled and straightened just like your own hair. It is advised though to do this at as low heat as possible. And when doing this use our X-Ten re-constructor by natural look which is a great heat protector.
The more you use a product like this the longer the extensions will last. We also recommend only washing the hair extensions with X-Ten shampoo & conditioner by natural look. This is designed specifically for hair extensions and can be purchase in the accessories section on this website.

If you need your clip in hair extensions delivered today and you’re in Sydney, you will need to order them for 10:30am on a business day and we can have it with you by 5:30pm in the afternoon. If you’re located anywhere else in Australia we can deliver to majority of Australia on the next business day via our express post option. Our extensions are the best quality you will find online in Australia. When you make a purchase, you will also receive a reward points which can be redeemed on a later purchase.