The ponytail may be a very practical hairstyle, but it can prevent you from standing out at events or job interviews. Fortunately, there are new ways to rock that traditional hairstyle. Read on to know more about these highly popular methods.

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Give the ordinary ponytail a literal twist! Achieve this look by twisting the ponytail around so it is shorter. Then spiral your hair up as though you are forming a French Twist. You should see the ponytail formed from the up-swept loose ends.

Securing the style should be done with big hair pins, which have more holding power. Complete the look by styling your bangs properly.

This is the perfect hairdo for those who want to feel like they’re not trying way too hard to look red-carpet-ready and for those who want to achieve a softer appearance overall. To achieve this look, one should keep in mind that movement is important, so if you happen to have strands that are very straight, wrap a curling iron with a few sections before you pull them back.

Protips and Instructions: Apply dry shampoo on your hair to add some texture at the roots, then use a brush to tease it slightly. Next, gather your hair to form a medium-length ponytail, which you should secure with elastic. When securing the ponytail with elastic, make sure that the elastic is slightly slid down, and once you have done this, split the ponytail to two sections. Pull them apart to re-tighten them and tousle the crown. A section of hair should then be wrapped by the base of the tail, thus covering the elastic. Use bobby pins to secure your hair, and apply pomade at the tail to make it look smoother.

Bumped Up
Consider this style if you think that an ordinary or slicked-back ponytail can make you look a bit harsh. You should also consider this look if you want a softer and looser appearance. While thick, long hair is the most important requirement for this look, you can make adjustments to your fine hair so you can pull off this look. Specifically, you can add clip in ponytail hair extensions to achieve maximum fullness.

Once all of the above prerequisites are met, apply a good amount of finishing cream to clean hair before you blow-dry it. Then take and clip the top portion of hair from both temples; the rest of your hair should be gathered into medium or high ponytail and secured with elastic.

Remove the clip you placed at the top part, apply a generous amount of volumising spray to it, and then tease it with your hair brush. Pull the section back and, with another elastic, fasten it over the ponytail.


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This is a great hairdo if you love surprises and fresh twists to ordinary things. To pull off this look, it’s important to remember that direction is everything. Intertwine strands loosely, making sure to pull down and forward while doing so.