A ponytail is probably the easiest and quickest hairstyle there is, that’s why it’s everyone’s favorite and everyone’s go-to hairstyle. No need for heat styling tools, just an elastic band in hand and you can already make the simple classic ponytail. If you want to play a bit with this hairstyle, you can do that as well. Style it in any way you want. If you wish to add more volume, you can use clip in ponytails. Just like any other type of hair extensions, they are super easy to use and they certainly add more bang to your look. For the best and most natural looking hair extensions,check out our wide range of premium class 100% remy human hair extensions.

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Want to achieve a more stylish and thicker ponytail? Human Hair Extensions Online is here to show you three different ways on how you can wear your ponytail with style using clip in hair extensions. These styles are easy to do making them the perfect options for everyday hairdos.

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1. Long Romantic Ponytail
A classy and elegant way to wear your pony, perfect for any kind of occasion. Style can be achieved in just a few minutes. If using regular clip extensions, it is not necessary to use up all the wefts , 3-4 clip wefts will do. What you need to do is, tie your hair to a low ponytail and then clip the wefts one by one around it. You can part your hair in any way you want to. Make sure to clip the first weft as close as possible to the elastic band so that you can have more room for the remaining wefts. Tighten the clips and secure the ponytail using a hair tie. After everything is secured, you may now start creating soft curls with your ponytail. Gently brush it out afterwards.

2. Sleek High Ponytail
If you want to be like Ariana G, then this hairstyle is for you. A fun, sexy and stylish way to rock a ponytail. Create a small ponytail just at the crown of your head. Take a weft and clip it around the base of your pony close to the elastic band. Do the same with the other wefts. Make it a point to tighten all the clips. After which, gather all your remaining hair into a high pony and make sure to cover the base of the clip in wefts. After securing everything, smoothen your hair and keep any flyaways. To polish everything, you may take a small section of your hair and wrap it around the base to conceal the elastic band.

3. Messy Ponytail
This style is meant to look messy so, basically you can just play around with it. Clip in your wefts in the same manner as with the previous styles. Part your hair mid-way and then flip it upside down. Leave enough strands at the nape of your neck and use them to cover the clip wefts later. Continue to clip in the remaining wefts but this time do it upside down. In this manner, when you gather up all your hair into a high pony, the clips won’t pull at your roots. To get that messy look going, take a few strands of hair to frame your face. Pull random sections of your ponytail and tease them. Loosen up your ponytail a little bit by tugging at the top of your hair or at the crown.