Oily hair is a blessing to some and a curse to others. It’s a source of frustration when it is difficult to manage and you just washed your hair and the Human Hair Extensions Online products set up among them just one hour ago. The reasons why hair becomes oily are as many as the things you can do to rid your locks of oil. But knowing what exactly makes your hair oily is key to its proper maintenance, so you need to keep these six causes of oily hair in mind before you decide on a treatment option.

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Exercise, especially excessive exercise, can cause hair to become really oily. Excessive movement stimulates both sweat and oil glands (both part of the skin) at the same time. Since the scalp is part of the skin, it follows that the more you sweat, the more oil accumulates on your hair.

Heat and Humidity
The human body releases sweat and oil during hot days, so it follows that the warmer the temperature is, the oilier you become. The oilier your skin gets because of sweating, the oilier your scalp becomes. The oilier your scalp becomes, the oilier your hair gets.

Food is another factor that contributes to the presence of oil on one’s hair. If you consume oil-based food, like salad dressings, deep-fried food, and fatty food, over the course of several days, oil will accumulate on your hair for quite some time. The presence of so much oil on the hair is the way your body removes excess oils and fats.

Hair Colour and Texture
Redheads often have drier hair, while blondes tend to have more oil on their hair. There are exceptions, of course.

Pregnancy can dish out a lot of changes to your body. Your hair and skin becoming oilier is one of those changes. Hormonal change is the primary reason for this. Fortunately, the hormonal change is temporary, and your hormones go back to how they once were upon giving birth.

With puberty comes hormonal fluctuations, and one of the effects of those fluctuations is oily hair. This is associated with the saturation of oil glands.

The best shampoo for oily hair
If you are one of those people who would like their hair to be less oily so clip in human hair extensions stay longer, one of the best solutions is the use of a shampoo formulated to help keep the issue in check.

Many people who have oily hair believe that each hair strand produces oil. But this statement could not be further from the truth. Hair cannot produce oil, and the substance which causes hair to look oily is actually from the scalp. Thus, the shampoo intended for oily hair actually is scalp treatment.

Shampoo for oily hair cleans the scalp and hair and extracts surface oils. The scalp will still be able to produce oil afterwards, but in limited amounts.

So many shampoos are perfect for the treatment of oily hair, but there are shampoos formulated only for those with oily hair. These products will have labels stating such. They can also bear the “deep-cleansing” or “clarifying” label. Such products often are without conditioners and are clear in colour.

Managing Oily Hair
If you have oily hair, you need to wash it each day. When doing so, gently massage the scalp with shampoo before you wash the rest of your hair. You can let shampoo sit on your scalp for approximately five minutes before you rinse it so the shampoo can extract and absorb as much oil from the scalp.

Is your hair extremely oily? You may need to shampoo a second time to ensure the cleanliness of your locks. In your case, you should avoid the use of conditioner, since the additional moisture will only cause the issue to worsen. Both exercise and proper diet are as helpful against oily scalp as the solution mentioned above.

Warning on the Use of Shampoo for Oily Hair
This kind of hair care product shouldn’t be used by individuals whose scalps are not that oily, since the product will cause the over-drying of their scalps in their case. If, after a number of applications, your (supposedly oily) hair and scalp start becoming too dry, avoid using these shampoos for some time. Keep in mind that some shampoos for oily hair can be quite harsh on the scalp, even for the people the products are intended for. Because of this, make sure to pay attention if it is your first time using this kind of product.