Human Hair Extensions Online offers a wide selection of clip in hair extensions. This style is the easiest to wear among all hair extension products as they can be quickly be installed and removed whenever you please, they are a DIY product. All of our sets have been designed by industry professionals to ensure they have the correct head coverage and volume to suit our clients. Each individual weft is a specific measurement and come pre attached with silicon lined snap clips. These clips are pressure responsive and are clipped into the hair at different sections. This is to ensure that clips are concealed, locked, and will look natural upon attachment.

In relation to wearing the hair extensions, full instructions are provided upon request of the product and these can be followed and completed within a few minutes. The manual also comes with guidelines on how to take care of the item after use.

To make the clip in hair extensions more appealing, you can actually straighten, curl and blow dry them. Since they are made of real human hair, the same cosmetic procedures can be applied to them. But like our own delicate hair, extensions may also be damaged when exposed to constant heat, thus, it’s best to have the extensions subjected to this process on the lowest possible heat.

Hair Extensions Purposes

Hair extensions in general serve two major purposes: they are used to create an effect of longer hair and also to add more volume when needed. What’s great about these products is that they are very natural. They are often made out of real hair so people won’t really notice that you’re wearing extensions. The extensions will blend in naturally with your hair if you chose the right colour and thickness. You can wear hair extensions as often as you want, but just make sure to remove the extensions before going to bed in order to extend the products life span. Most clip in hair extensions can last from 6 months to a year. It depends on how frequently they are worn.

Human Hair Extensions Online Clip in Hair Extensions

Human Hair Extensions Online offers Remy human hair clip in extensions. Our hair clip in extensions comes in three lengths – 20 inch, 22 Inch & 24 inch. The 20” inches variety comes in three options – for thin long hair, medium thick hair and thick hair. All varieties add more volume to your natural hair. The hair extensions are made with 100% AAA+ salon grade hair so you won’t have to worry about receiving a low quality product. The product also has 100 day guarantee which is the longest in the return policy in the world! This product will also be shipped for free anywhere in Australia.

We also offer an accompanying hair extension loop brush (sold separately) for each set. The high quality hair extension loop brush is perfect for your extensions. They are designed specifically for gently removing tangles without snapping strands. These are very easy to use with a user guide available upon your request. The main rule is to start from the tips and work your way up!


#1 Jet Black

If you have natural or dyed black hair and are after temporary hair extensions then #1 Jet Black Clip In Hair Extensions are perfect for you! They are great for women of all ethnic backgrounds including Indian, Asian, European, Russian, African and Australian just to name a few. Human Hair Extensions Online stocks this item in a range of different lengths, thicknesses and colours. The most popular set in the colour we have is our 20 inch 130 gram set, this is a full head set with 5 separate pieces. The cool thing about this type of extension is that you can wear them as little or often as you want! Clip Ins are one of the most popular styles on the market!


#1B Natural Black

This is a nice natural colour, another way to describe it would be mat black. Our #1B Natural Black Clip In Hair Extensions come in a 100 gram, 130 gram and 260 gram full head sets. The 100g set is a standard full head set which is great for an updo, the 130g and 260g sets are for clients with thicker hair. At this point in time we only have #1B Natural Black in the 20” length. Human Hair Extensions Online only stock remy hair so you can be confident that you will be receiving a quality product. Clip extensions can be installed in a matter of minutes, we recommend this product if you do not wish to always wear your extensions.


#2 Dark Brown

This colour is in our top four most popular colours. Due to the popularity of #2 Dark Brown Clip In Hair Extensions we stock them in every clip in set we have including 100 gram 20” set, 130 gram 20” set, 260 gram 20” set, 125 gram 22” set, 250 ram 22” set and 140 gram 24” set. If you’re looking for dark brown hair extensions then Human Hair Extensions Online is a good option as you have 5 different clip in options. If you are looking for a permanent hair extension option then please continue browsing as there several different types, lengths, thicknesses and styles available.


#4 Medium Brown

If you want to add length or volume to your hair then #4 Medium Brown Clip In Hair Extensions are a good option for you if this matches your hair colour. If this colour is not quite right for you than #6 Light Ash Brown is slightly lighter and also a very popular colour. This colour comes in our 5, 8 and 10 piece clip in sets. If you look after the hair by following our care instructions then you will get a much longer life span from our extensions. HHEO is here to help with any questions you have, if you’re not sure which brown shade is best for you then please email us a photo of your hair and we will colour match if for you.


#6 Light Golden Brown

Extend your hair today with a set of #6 Golden Brown Clip On Hair Extensions. We stock this colour in several different clip in sets. If this brown is not your colour than maybe our dark, medium, chestnut or dark ash brown will match your natural hair colour. Clip On extensions are perfect for any occasion, having amazing hair will make you not only look but also feel better. I’m sure once you try Human Hair Extensions Online’s products you will be flaunting your new sexy look!


#08 Light Brown

Do you want long, beautiful, thick, natural looking hair? Then try our Clip in #8 CLight Brown Hair Extensions, they are available in 130 gram sets that have 5 separate pieces. 5 pieces is the perfect amount to completely cover your head and give you a full head look! Perfect for everyday use or that special occasion. Up style or leave it lusciously long. We guarantees you’ll absolutely love our quality clip in range and you can purchase with confidence with our 100 day money back guarantee.


#12 Dirty Blonde

Adding length and fullness has never been so easy with Human Hair Extensions Online, #12 Dirty Blonde Clip in Hair Extensions. You can easily install them whenever you need to add some glam to your look. The pre-attached flexible silicon lined clips make installation simple and easy. Because they are quality extensions you can curl or straighten them to achieve your desired look. You’re sure to turn heads once you are wearing our amazing Clip In Hair Extension range. Thank you for visiting our website and I hope you get to experience our quality products.


#16 Ash Blonde

Human Remy Clip in #16 Ash Blonde Hair Extensions will add life to your natural hair. Our products are so beautiful and soft which enables them to blend perfectly into your own hair, no one will know you’re wearing them. This 10 piece set weighing 260g is a thick volume set, measuring 20” (51cm) they will fall gorgeously down your back. They’re easy to apply and remove, why don’t you try them! The bonus with Clip In Hair Extensions is that you can use them as little or as often as you like. Blondes really do have more fun!

#18 Honey Blonde

Have you ever thought about having hair extensions but haven’t been able to decide on which one? #18 Honey Blonde Clip extensions are a great place to start! The best thing about these is that they are not permanent, so it allows you to experience that new look whenever you like. The fact that they can be installed quickly and without too much fuss makes them a practical addition to your wardrobe. Human Hair Extensions Online stock #18 Honey Blonde in 5 piece 130 ram and 10 piece, 260 gram, 20 inch sets only and it is made from 100% Human Hair.

#27 Dark Blonde

Is your hair lacking length and volume? Get volume and long flowing locks with #27 dark blonde clip in hair extensions. Here at human hair extensions online we only provide you with finest quality hair. The hair is 100% remy human hair that comes from the best part of Asia. Try our Clip In 20″ inch hair, it looks so natural that you can’t detect it’s even there and like any hair you can curl, style and colour it like you would your own hair. So grab the hair of your dreams and be eye-catching at any time of the day.

#60 White Blonde

Dreaming of long locks? Dream no more, turn it to reality with #60 White Blonde Clip In Hair Extensions. Whatever your hair needs, we can supply it with an extensive range of lengths and colours to choose from. We stock 75 gram , 100 gram, 130 gram, 140 gram, 250 gram and 260 gram clip in hair extensions in #60 White Blonde. Our clip in hair extensions are made of 100% finest quality with AAA grade so it can be straightened, curled, washed, ironed, and blow-dryed just like your real hair. But extensions can be damaged when over exposed to heat so minimizing usage of such heating tools is advisable to make them last longer. Call us at 1300 489 337 and order now to get long, gorgeous hair in no time!

#613 Lightest Blonde

One of our popular products is the #613 lightest blonde clip in hair extensions since they are the easiest to install therefore the most in demand in the hair industry. Full instruction manuals are provided when you order at human hair extensions online complete with after care guidelines. To ensure long lasting hair, we highly advised to follow proper care religiously to enjoy the hair at its best. And since we use 100% remy human hair the extensions will blend inconspicuously. They can also be a perfect solution to cover up thinning hair. Look lovely today push the buy button now!

#12/613 Brown/Blonde Mix

We spend a great deal of time and money caring for our lovely locks, but getting a perfect hair is almost impossible. As an answer to that, we give you clip in hair extensions that can take care of the volume while adding length at the same time. We invite you to indulge in HHEO’s mixed coloured extensions. Our 20″ #12/613 Brown/Blonde Mix clip in hair extensions are a great choice to bring life to boring hair. Own your very own set today! If you need help with colour choice or choosing the right set for your hair type contact customer service to assist you!

#18/613 Blonde Mix

Bored with your looks? Try our clip in hair extensions in #18/613 blonde mix. It is perfectly blended to suite mixed colour highlighted hair types. Clip in hair extensions are so easy to install so you get the celebrity effect instantly. This has become the most popular method around the world because of convenience. It’s inexpensive, easy to wear and the quickest way to achieve fullness and add length. We have a wide range of colours and lengths to choose from to satisfy your adventurous spirit. So get unbeatable assistance from our customer service department to help you get the hair of your dreams.


Does hair colour matter? Be outrageously sassy with our pink 20 inch clip in hair extensions. Stand out in a crowd and be brazenly beautiful with our wide range of cool colours. Get it from the most sought out hair extensions supplier in Australia- Human hair extensions online. We have been in the business long enough to know that only the highest quality hair would last up to 12 months or more. Contact our customer service now and we’d love to assist you in choosing the right set for you. Enjoy a “good hair day” every day!


Go red and be noticed…if you want attention, you can achieve the look you so desire with our red clip in 20 inch hair extensions. Our hair is 100% high quality Remy human hair so we can guarantee that it will last the test of time with proper care. We have been in the hair business for more than 5 years, supplying silky smooth, long lasting hair extensions, at an excellent price. Salons all over Australia trust us, I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t. Call us now to experience an amazing online shopping experience and enjoy attention-grabbing hair now!


20 Inch Clip In Hair Extensions

Long or short, curly or straight, thick or fine. Love it or hate it, your hair is an important personal feature or so they say. But waiting for your hair to grow can be a rather tedious process, thus we are here to help you get the look you want while eliminating the hassle. Our 5 years in the business has honed our skills in identifying quality hair. Human hair extensions online is trusted by salons all over Australia, it’s about time you do too. Try our 20 inch clip in hair extensions to get that sexy length.

22 Inch Clip In Hair Extensions

How we wear our hair is considered an expression of our individuality. 22 Inch Clip In Hair Extensions enables you to do much more with your hair than the average Joe. And the fact that gorgeous hair will boost your confidence is probably one of the reasons why it’s becoming more popular today. The secret to sexy beachy waves that are layered to perfection is hair extensions. Human hair extensions online offers clip in extensions in 22” to help you achieve that fabulous look. For more information on the different lengths we have in stock, contact customer service at 1300 489 337.

24 Inch Clip In Hair Extensions

Hair is often called a person’s crowning glory and true enough we need to treat it properly and provide it with the utmost care. Let its beauty be a reflection of your true spiritual radiance. With our 24 inch clip in hair extensions you can get sexy voluminous layers in a matter of minutes. Our customer service team will be more than happy to assist you with all your hair needs. Just tell us what you want and we will give you the best recommendations. Call us now!


Thinking of getting into the hair extensions business? Whether you want to be a wholesaler or a hairdresser, we can assist you. We understand the importance of quality products and we’re a company you can rely on. We want to help you build a stable business by offering wholesale prices for a tested product. We’ve been supplying salons all over Australia and they love it. I am sure you will too. Our hair is 100% remy human hair that last up to 12 months or more with proper care. Our clip in hair extension quantity’s are ordered in bulk due to the high demand. Let us know what you need, and we will deliver it right at your doorstep.

7 Piece, 75 gram clip in hair extension sets

Here at Human Hair Extensions Online we are proud to say that we only supply 100% Remy Human Hair. Our 7 Piece, 75 gram clip in hair extension sets are “ideal for an up style or people with thin hair”! Remy Hair is considered to be the finest quality of human hair because the cuticles are kept intact and not stripped. Protecting the hairs’ cuticles and aligning them in one direction creates extensions that are completely natural in appearance and best of all tangle free. Do not make the mistake of purchasing cheap hair extensions as they are made with poor quality, non-remy hair. We have 15 vibrant and natural coloured sets in three different lengths. Spice up your life with bright-coloured hair! Try our 7-piece set now!

Clip In Hair Extensions – Full Head 100 gram set

Hair extensions made from human hair can be heated, treated, dyed, washed, and styled just like your own natural hair. While, Hair extensions made from synthetic hair are sensitive to the sun, don’t last as long as human hair, are difficult to style, and cannot blend in as well with your real hair. There a lot of hair origins on the market including Asian, Chinese, European, Russian and Indian. ‘s Clip In Hair Extensions – Full Head 100 gram set’s are made with Asian hair as its stronger, straighter and lasts much longer that other origins. In addition, it is also the best to colour. Get our customer service to assist you now!

Full Head Set, 130 gram Clip Ins

Human Hair Extensions Online’s Full Head, 130 gram Clip Ins have become a staple in salons all over Australia. We have quickly conquered Australia and the world with our exceptional products. We have managed to deliver quality hair at affordable prices. We have a wide selection to choose from in terms of colours, styles, thicknesses and lengths. So whatever reasons you have for choosing hair extensions, we have you covered. Just ask for help from our friendly customer service, and they will serve you with a smile.