Castor oil is one of the most popular remedies to thinning locks. It is also great for managing tangles, taming frizz, and moisturising dry locks. But in order to make the strands suitable for Human Hair Extensions Online products as a result of using this product, one must make sure that its application is not limited to just slapping it on the head. By following the steps highlighted below, the oil becomes easier to apply on the head.


Preparing The Oil
* Gather all the supplies needed. There are a number of things you need to do so the oil is more effective and its application becomes easier. First, you need to prepare the following: castor oil and any other oil that can be used (avocado, argan, coconut, sweet almond, jojoba), a bowl, hot water, shower cap, a jar, an old shirt, and a towel.

* Dilute castor oil with any one of the oils mentioned above. Castor oil is thick, and this thickness is what makes its application difficult. By adding any of the oils mentioned above to castor oil, it becomes thinner. A combination that works is one part castor oil plus one part of any of the oils mentioned above (avocado, argan, jojoba, coconut, and sweet almond).

* Add essential oil to the mixture. Castor oil smells bad. To mask the bad smell, add in three drops of essential oil. Some good choices include tea tree, peppermint, and rosemary.

* Pour the mixture into a tiny jar. Close it, then spend a few minutes shaking the contents. Once finished, remove the lid.

* Pour hot water into a bowl. When doing this step, the bowl to be used should be big enough that the whole jar will fit. The hot water is used to warm the oil so it’s not that difficult to work with.

* Place the jar in the water, making sure it is left there for four minutes. In this step, make sure the water is level with the oil. You should also ensure that no water will get into the jar, or else the oil will be spoiled and be rendered ineffective.

* Pour the warmed-up oil into a bowl. Doing so should make the application of the oil easier for you. Just dip your fingers and rub the oil on your head.

If you have a bottle that comes with an eye dropper, you can pour the contents into it instead. By doing so, you can just drip the contents onto your scalp.

Applying The Oil
* Begin with your locks damp. Dampness helps in the absorption of the oil into your locks. One of the fastest ways to dampen locks is by filling your spray bottle with some water, and only spraying your scalp.

* Get a towel and use it to cover your shoulders to protect clothing from getting soaked in oil. That said, you might want to put on an article of clothing you no longer want to wear that often, so that if oil does drip past your towel, you can just dispose of it easily.

* Massage the scalp using your fingers for up to five minutes.

* Apply more oil to your head and use your fingers to distribute it evenly. Remember to avoid applying so much oil to your locks.

* Get a shower cap and cover your locks with it. Shower caps will trap any heat inside and prevent the drying out of locks. Wrap a very hot towel around the head (over the shower cap) afterwards.

* Wait half an hour to three hours before you wash all the oil out. It’s also a good idea to leave it overnight, though no evidence of its effectivity exists.

When washing your crowning glory, keep in mind that you might not be able to rid the strands of the oil right away. To hasten the oil removal process, you can use conditioner instead of shampoo.

* The treatment should be done at least once a week for optimum results. You can expect that, after a few applications, strands will look more prepared for when it’s time clip in hair extensions from Perth should be set up on your head.