blue dress

You have an upcoming formal to attend to. What would be the first thing that you need to do? Plan ahead, I suppose. What am I going to wear? How do I style my hair? What about my make-up? These questions would probably pop out of your mind all at once.

Don’t worry, we got you covered for your hair, makeup, dress and down to your shoes.
Let’s get started and prep you up from head to toe. We’ll get you looking like a million bucks in no time!

I have two incredible options for your hairstyle. Just pick out which one you like better.

1. A gorgeous updo incorporating an elegant braid. To help bulk up this updo so it really stands out from the crowd, I would recommend a set of our 20 Inch, 100 gram clip in hair extensions ($118.00). We love braids and updos combining both is an attention grabber for any event.



2. Side look with curls: this being my personal favourite of the two. It is extremely sexy and elegant at the same time. Try our 20 inch, 260 gram clip in hair extensions set ($255.00). The tousled side look is the ultimate one-shoulder do that celebrities love wearing.


Picking out the right dress usually takes time as it has to compliment your body form to make it look fabulous on you. But most fashion designers agree that you could never go wrong with black. However, if you want something different a blue Zimmerman dress would be a perfect , here are my hot picks for black and the blue Zimmerman dress.

formal dress

Finding the right dress for a huge event is only half the battle—choosing the perfect shoes to go with the dress can make or break an evening. Would you go for a statement sandal or simple pointed pump? Go safe with nude heels as they truly go with everything and anything. It also makes your legs look endless. So if you decide to wear the red short dress then a pair of nude pumps is perfect for your heel. But if you are going to wear the long black dress then I would highly suggest you go for nude sandals that show more skin, that would certainly make it more sexy and appealing.

formal shoes

They say that “the eyes are the windows to the soul” so I believe that make up should focus more on the eyes. Eye make-up can amplify your eye shape, light up your eyes and add something very special to your face. Eyes are literally the windows to the inner most aspects of our personality so let it shine with the right make up! I highly recommend the looks below.


You can take your appearance from ordinary to extraordinary by following these tips.

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