Bored with your current hairstyle? Getting a fringe, may be the easiest and quickest solution to that. It is one of the best ways to shake up your look. However, most girls are hesitant to get a fringe because getting one involves commitment. Just like getting a regular haircut, you will either love or regret the result. If you’re not ready to commit to having permanent bangs, a clip in fringe is what you need. You can acquire top class hair products here at Human Hair Extensions Online. We offer a range of natural looking clip in, tape in, skin weft and micro bead hair extensions which are all made of genuine remy hair.

Below are samples of the high quality clip-in hair extensions that we sell on our website:


Among the many hair trends, fringe is one of the favorites and has never been out of fashion. There are many ways to style a fringe, you just have to find the right one for your face shape. The perfect fringe can help you accentuate your good features such as your eyes or your cheekbones. The good thing about this hairstyle is you don’t have to go for a chop if you’re not ready for it. All you need to have in hand is a clip in fringe which is perfect for recreating your look anytime you want to. Wear it according to your mood and outfit.


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A fake fringe is super easy to wear just like any other hair extensions. Just make sure to invest in a good quality one to get the best results. For even more satisfying results, follow these simple steps on how to properly install and seamlessly blend them with your natural tresses.

1. Pick a clip in fringe close to your hair colour
There are many colour choices available, make it a point to select the one closest to your current hair colour. This is a key factor in keeping your fake fringe totally undetectable. Everyone around won’t even have the slightest idea that your bangs aren’t real. Keep in mind to pick also a product with good quality clips to ensure that there is no chance of it slipping off from your head.

2. Shampoo the faux fringe
A brand new clip in bangs straight from the package may look a bit shiny and has different texture compared to your natural strands. It is recommended that you wash it first and condition, preferably the night before you use it. Doing this will remove the unnatural shine from the product to make it look more like your real tresses. Aside from washing it, you may spray it with dry shampoo if you prefer it that way. It takes less time compared to washing it.

3. Make a center part
Part your hair at the center to keep your strands out of the way as you attach the faux bangs. You may tuck your hair at the back of your ear as well to keep it out of your face during the attachment.

4. Create a braid and clip it in
Braid a section of your hair and use it as a base to where you will attach the clip in bangs. Clip it underneath the braid and make sure to attach it firmly on your hair. Also, make it a point to create the braid and attach it towards the crown of your head as this will make the seam of the faux fringe unnoticeable.

5. Secure and style
Don’t forget to secure all the clips so that it stays in place no matter what you do during the day. Style it in a way that it blends perfectly with your real locks. You can trim the clip in fringe and even out its texture so that it matches with the rest of your mane. Blow dry or tease it any way you want to just to balance out everything.