While a classic hairstyle appropriate for different activities like going on a date and doing household chores, not every bun is expected to work for you, mainly because of a number of factors. But although you won’t be able to pull off the look you often see in a fashion blog or magazine, there still are other buns you can try creating. The first two options you can try out were already posted a few days earlier, but here are more options you can try out for yourself. Keep in mind that all of these are perfect with any Human Hair Extensions Online product.

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Sleek Ballerina Bun
* Prepare the hair by untangling strands and ensuring the complete smoothness of your hair, plus any volumising and lengthening product on it (like clip in extensions), by thoroughly brushing it. Keep in mind that this bun can only be made if hair is completely slicked-back, so if you have hair that seems hard to tame, mist your locks with water so they are slightly dampened.

* Brush the strands up into a ponytail. Using a brush to help create this look allows the needed smoothness to be achieved. Once you have picked up the brush, comb hair into a ponytail anywhere on the head. It’s not a must for the bun to be located near the top of the head; it can be placed anywhere.

Create a ponytail to be used to wrap around and secure hair. Ensure that the ponytail isn’t too loose to keep it from slipping.

* Time to make the bun. Wrap your locks in a spiral located around the base of the pony without twisting hair to give it a rope-like texture. Tuck ends under spiral, and secure them with bobby pins.

When securing ends with bobby pins, make sure that the bobby pins are slid under the bun so only the ends are seen. They must slide under the elastic located at the middle part of the bun. If your hair has layers, more pins may be needed to secure these layers to the scalp.
* Complete the look. You’ll need to apply hairspray liberally so it can be completely set. Smooth all strands using your fingers.

The Braided Bun
* Prepare the hair. Brush hair to remove every tangle and knot. You may choose to have part or all strands pulled back, so brush accordingly. If you have frizzy hair, apply mist to make it damp.

* Pull hair back. One can place the braided bun at any portion of your head. Creating this can involve the use of a brush, which should result in a sophisticated and professional look; or you can pull strands back with your fingers so you’ll look more relaxed as a result. Secure the bun’s location using a ponytail.

* Braid the ponytail. Begin at the base, then create a braid the usual way. Once you’re done, hold onto it for the meantime, since it will be pinned to your head anyway. But if you think an elastic band really needs to be used, make sure to use a clear one so it’s not too obvious.

* Create the bun. Wrap the braid around itself so it forms a spiral shape. Upon reaching the ends, tuck these under the bun base. Ensure that the hair is secured with bobby pins so no strand falls out.

* Finish the look. If you’d like, you can make this bun look messy by pulling a few hair strands out of the bun. Coat hair with spray, then add all the accessories you need. A headband goes well with this type of bun if you’d like a more bohemian appearance.