If, whilst checking out your reflection in the mirror, you realize that you are starting to look bad, one of the things you can do is to have your hair coloured in another shade. If you think this, plus the application of Human Hair Extensions Online products on your head, is a good way to make you look fresh again, the best approach is to do the steps highlighted below.

Evaluate Your Skin

* Consider the shade of your skin. Skin shade is either deep/dark, olive, medium, or pale. You do not want the colour of your hair and clip in extension pieces from Sydney set among them to match the exact shade of your skin, or else, the result will appear washed out.

* Determine your exact skin tone. This is not the same thing as skin shade. Skin undertone can be neutral, cool, or warm. To check skin tone, put a white shirt on and stand before a mirror. The lighting in the room should be either bright incandescent light or natural light. Then check the veins located on the underside of one of your wrists. The last step is the one thing you need to do to determine your exact skin undertone.

– If those veins look blue or purple, your skin undertone is ‘cool.’ If those veins look green, your skin undertone is ‘warm.’ If it’s something between the two, you have a neutral skin undertone.

Another way to determine skin tone is by asking yourself a few questions.

– The first question to ask is: “Do I look a lot better in silver or gold?” If it’s the latter, you have a warm skin undertone. If it’s the former, you have a cool skin undertone.

– The second question to ask is: “What colour are my eyes?” If you have brown or hazel eyes, you have warm skin undertone. If you have blue or grey eyes, then you have cool skin undertone.

A third way of determining skin tone is by recalling the last time you went to the beach. If you recall burning easily under the sun’s heat and light, you have cool skin undertone. But if you tan before you burn, you have warm skin undertone.

What’s the Best Hair Colour?
For Those With Dark Skin Shades

* Balance all warm tones. If your skin undertone is classified as warm, select a colour with cinnamon or chestnut shades to balance things out. – If your own skin has a reddish undertone and bears a lighter shade, then select a dark hair colour. But if your skin bears a reddish undertone, but is darker, avoid lighter browns and select a darker, rich colour instead.

* Warm up the cool tones. If your skin has cool undertones, choose a colour with warm highlights so that your hair becomes brighter. You need a warmer shade so there is a bit of dimension with your locks, especially if it is black or dark brown already.

* Adjusting for a golden tone. If your undertone is warm and golden and your skin is a bit light on the dark side, just about any colour will work. Highlights with a red base help to accent gold undertones.

For Those With Medium or Pale Skin Shades
* Select a deep and rich base for hair colour. If your undertones are warm with yellow, choose shades like dark golden brown, chestnut, mahogany, and auburn. Highlight with red base like copper or cinnamon. Avoid blonde highlights or base, or you might end up overemphasising the yellow undertone.

* For your hair colour, select a medium colour base. If your undertones are warm with red, avoid selecting an auburn or red hair colour. Use a golden or honey brown base instead, along with caramel low-lights to downplay redness in skin undertones.

* Select an intense colour base for hair. Choose a blonde, red, or intense brown base if you bear cool tones with an undertone of blue or pink. Then choose highlights which have an ashen or honey-wheat look. Doing so should help in contrasting cool undertones.
– Cherry, garnet, or burgundy is great for dark skin that has cool undertones. These can be a highlight or base colour. Cool red tones of this particular colour should give skin an even and smooth look.

For Anyone With Olive Skin Shades

* Select a warmer colour. If your olive skin has a yellow or warm undertone, select a gold colour for the base.
– If you are doing highlights, red can bring out your skin tone’s warmth.

* Choose a cool hair colour. If your skin bears an olive colour and has a cool undertone, choose a hair colour which highlights the cool tones. Choose between platinum, ash, violet red, or copper.
– For anyone with dark olive skin that has cool undertones, do not choose light ash blonde or anything similar that starkly contrasts.

* Accentuate the eyes. If your eyes have a warm colour, like green, brown, or hazel, choose a shade that highlights the eyes.