The key to having flawless and natural-looking hair is to colour match your natural hair correctly with the hair extensions that you are getting. A well colour-matched extension promotes a seamless look that no one can even tell you are wearing hair extensions. 

In this article, let’s talk about ways that can help us in Choosing The Right Hair Extensions Colour to achieve that natural and flawless hair upgrade!

HHEO Hair Extensions are not only made of 100% Remy human hair but also possess a multi-tone system, making it easier for the hair extensions to blend seamlessly with the natural high and lowlight of the same hair colour. This helps create natural depth and dimension and help achieve an Instagram worthy length and volume, even if the colour is not really spot-on with your natural hair, and yes, this can happen at times, so don’t worry, it’s common.


Often times, especially for first-time hair extensions users, colour matching is thought to only focus on the overall look of your hair.  Truth is, it’s not just about focusing on the front of your hair. Usually, the front and top parts of your head are lighter than the rest of the hair. The roots, in general, are usually darker as they are usually the new hair growth and are mostly getting the least of sun exposure.

The best part to look into is the mid-length to ends of your hair. These sections will help you achieve proper colour matching. The best way to do this is to stand under natural light. Then, compare the colour of your mid-length to ends of your hair with the hair extensions swatches. If there are no colours from the option that matches your real hair, you can always opt for the next closest colour, either darker or lighter hair. But how will it look seamless? If the hair extensions Sydney brand you’re getting has an advanced multi-tone system, then you can be assured that the hair extensions will blend with your real hair flawlessly.


The next important step to consider now is to understand which colour level and family, your hair falls under, Is your hair under the black family, brunette, red, or blonde? You will be able to understand it, even more, when you look at a colour level chart.

Once you have determined which colour level and family, your hair falls under, it’s time to identify the tone of your hair. Is it warm, cool or neutral?

We highly recommend also having an actual colour ring on hand as colours in the online colour chart may vary due to our device display settings.


Always take into account any colour dimensions like highlights or lowlights, regardless if it’s natural or salon-made. HHEO offers hair extensions that come with that highlight or lowlight effect, ombre and balayage making it easier for you to maintain that hair colour dimensions. To do colour matching with hair colour dimensions, always match the mid-length to ends of your hair.


It is critical that you identify which hair extension type works for the kind of lifestyle that you have. Are you an on-the-go type of person and have not much time to prepare in the morning? You may want to get Tape-in extensions or other permanent types like weave ones. Or do you prefer extensions on special occasions only? Clip-ins and Ponytail extensions are your best choice. 

Once you have identified the type of extensions to get, this will help you look at the right colour swatch on the website or choose the correct colour ring to colour match your natural hair with.


Having your own colour ring can make colour matching easy and will no longer require a call for help. Colour rings can show you the actual hair colour of the hair extensions you are eyeing on, versus using the colour swatches online which can be less accurate due to the device display setting variations.


If you want to be on the safe side and not waste chances on getting the wrong colour and end up shipping it back to the store for a refund or exchange, call the experts! HHEO has in-house colour experts who can help colour match your hair by simply sending us a photo (proper shots) of your hair to and one of our colour specialists will be sending you a recommendation.