One of the defining features and one that get noticed first is our hair. For this reason, choosing a colour that accentuates your feature should be your first priority. Choose the right shade for you and stand out in the crowd now! Try our famous clip-in and tape extensions in this tone and you will thoroughly enjoy the attention you will be getting. Human Hair Extensions Online guarantees to give you only the best quality products that you can enjoy for a long, long time.  It is so easy to install and does not take up all your time.  All the instruction are detailed and precise for easy application.

Get your best hair experience with us:




Chestnut hair comes in all shades from light with a reddish tint to dark amber hues. It is a warm tone of brunette hair with gold and red undertones.  This fabulously, rich hair tone almost looks great on anyone, with a variety of shades available in the market, you might get overwhelmed.  Let us help you find your right shade to show off that gorgeous flair in you.


To have a smooth transition from light to darker colour and look gorgeous at the same time you will need your skin tone if it is cool or warm. And how would you do this? Simplest way to tell what undertone you belong is by checking the veins in your hand. Green veins are warm while blue tinged veins are cool skin tone. If you are still unsure, then you can check the following characteristics of a cool undertone:

If your eyes are; Hazel, dark blue, gray, black and deep brown

  • If you have dark skin with pink undertones
  • Ruddy cheeks with freckles
  • Olive or closer to beige with yellow undertones
  • Fair skin with pinkish undertonesIf you have the characteristics above then, you definitely belong to the cool tone and you should choose a shade between coffee and ash brown.
  • However, if your eye colour is green, golden brown or brown-flecked hazel you are warm. And if your skin is one of the following, namely pale with golden, peach and red undertones; light or dark with golden undertones and tan with brown undertones. Belonged to this group? Then you are a confirm warm.Hair tones that are a best match for warm people are mocha, caramel and chestnut browns.Now you know how to determine which chestnut hair colour is best for you.



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