There are many different ways to prevent severe hair matting. But if your hair (or your hair and the Human Hair Extensions Online products set among them) has severely matted for some reason, fret not. There are solutions to hair matting, and these are highlighted below.

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Hair Care Products You Can Use to Untangle Hair

* Choose a hair treatment option. If you have not yet done so already, you can try using conditioner to untangle your hair, but if it does not work, choose another option. Products known as deep conditioners do an amazing job at restoring hair moisture to make them easy to untangle. You can also use olive oil, argan oil, or coconut oil in place of deep conditioner, especially if your hair is coarse by nature. If you don’t like the oily feeling, hair detangling spray may be used instead.

Some assert that mayonnaise works in untangling hair, but this will only cause your head to smell unpleasant. It is not as effective as the options mentioned above.

* Wet hair slightly. Spritz hair with water to prepare it for hair treatments. Avoid getting your hair dripping wet, though, or it becomes susceptible to breaking.

* Apply hair treatment. Apply a handful of hair treatment (or two handfuls in case your hair goes past the shoulders), making sure that the treatment is thoroughly applied to every part of your hair. Rub the treatment into every section of hair separately instead of doing so across the scalp at once. This way, you prevent tangles from worsening.

* Wait. If you have chosen to use ordinary conditioner, it will completely moisturise hair in just a few minutes. Oils, like coconut oil, need to be left on your hair for about half an hour for maximum effect. As for deep conditioners, they are usually left on your hair for an hour, but can be left on your head overnight in case the tangling is so bad.

* Untangle the knots. Once the set time for the treatment to take effect has passed, pull tangled sections apart using your fingers. Make sure to do it gently, and remember that sometimes, loose mats or small knots get pulled into separate tangles at the root part of the knot.


* Comb hair using a wide-toothed comb, not a fine-toothed comb or brush. A fine brush or comb will likely meet so much resistance, and if there is so much resistance when brushing or combing, you will need to stop to pull out many clumps of hair.

* Comb all ends first. When combing tangled hair, make sure to begin near the ends. Put the comb several centimetres from the end, then brush your hair downward. Repeat until the section will be free of any tangles, then move your comb higher up.

* Hold locks higher up in order to prevent pain. Is your scalp sensitive? If so, hold part of your locks while you brush them. Grab one section of hair as thick as a marker, then twist it a bit so as to prevent the comb from directly pulling on the scalp. Then comb this part of your hair, making sure to move your hand higher once you have done untangling a section.

* Use scissors to thin any stubborn mats. If there are knots of hair that refuse to untangle, regardless of your efforts, get a pair of scissors. Open it, and with your other hand, hold hair tightly. Run a blade on the underside of the knot, and then tug the hair gently to remove the knot.

* Get a fine-toothed comb and use it to straighten out all the remaining small tangles and mats.

* Rinse hair. Rinse your hair (and the cheap human hair extensions among them) of any treatment products once you have untangled your hair.