Being vegan is an unpopular lifestyle, but a rewarding one. Many people have celebrated being vegan to show love and compassion for animal kind and experienced wonderful health benefits that come with making this decision.

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Some people have experienced poor hair health while on a vegan diet. Unlike the different Human Hair Extensions Online products, our natural hair follicles are fast-growing tissues, so what nutrients we put in your bodies—or what we don’t—will easily show in our hair. Meat is one of the best sources of protein, iron, and other nutrients necessary for healthy hair, so eliminating this food group from one’s diet will have some effects if not properly compensated.

The good news is a lot of vegan foods are just oozing with nutrients not just for your hair but for overall health!

Now that you’ve committed to go this path, these things will help you care for your hair as you go vegan.

Consult a doctor, particularly one who advocates a vegan lifestyle. Discuss with your doctor food group replacements and supplements. You can go DIY on turning vegan, as there are a lot of reliable sites online, but personally consulting someone who knows health and nutrition is still best.

Eat these healthy-hair superfoods:

• Almonds have high levels of zinc, which promotes good scalp circulation for shiny, well-moisturized hair. Avocado oil has a high smoke point, so you can use this to saute or roast veggies when preparing delicious vegan dishes.
• Beans are a good source of low-calorie proteins and are loaded with zinc, vitamin C, and vitamin B. Silicon found in green beans strengthens the hair and nails.
• Broccoli is a good source of calcium, which strengthens the hair follicles, and vitamins A and C, which stimulate production of sebum, your hair’s natural conditioner.
• Coconuts are one of the best natural nutrients for your hair. High in healthy fats, minerals, and vitamins A and K, they moisturize the scalp to give your hair a lustrous shine.
• Dark-green leafy vegetables contain some of the most vital nutrients needed for healthy hair and radiant skin.
• Legumes contain L-lysine, a key player in adequate iron and zinc absorption, which are important to hair health.
• Walnuts have omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and help retain moisture for healthy hair. Its high protein content makes your hair full and strong.

Minimize eating too many high-sugar foods. Sugar and carbs, when taken in excess, causes insulin to spike. Increased insulin levels are associated with hair loss.

Use only organic, cruelty-free hair products. The ingredients used in cruelty-free products contain no harmful chemicals. Look for the No Animal Testing or Cruelty-Free logo, like Alchemy 27 Hair & Scalp Elixir.

Go easy on the dye. Colored hair sounds appealing if you want something new. However, chemically treated hair requires much maintenance and special products than your natural hair. If you must, use only homemade natural herbal hair dyes.

Chop your locks. Short hair has a way of framing the face that heavy long hair pulling down your back can’t achieve. Since your face will be on display, short hair also brings out a confidence that stems from the inside, not from your long hair. Short hair marks your fresh start in life to go vegan. For those had-to-have-long-hair moments, keep some human hair extensions in the shade closest to your natural hair color.

But I want to keep my hair long. Well and good. To grow lush long strands, train yourself to shampoo less frequently. Wear your hair loose more often. Let your hair dry naturally instead of using a blow-dryer. Trim regularly so that split ends will not travel up the shaft.

If you notice that your hair is not healthy or that you are experiencing hair loss while on your vegan diet, check with your doctor to diagnose the specific cause of hair loss. Some people who become vegan or vegetarian experience hair loss due to increased soy intake, which affects their thyroid. Hair loss could also come with significant weight loss. Perhaps your hair’s failing health could be due to other reasons aside from embracing a vegan lifestyle.