Knowledge on how to take care of your clip in hair extensions is a must if you want to make the most out of your investment. To keep human hair extensions looking fresh and vibrant, you need to follow these tips and tricks specifically for those who use clip in hair extensions.


Keeping them shiny, soft, and healthy as long as possible


The best clip in extensions are truly pieces of art. Human hair extensions are excellent and beautiful investments that need proper care and attention to ensure longevity of use. To ensure that you can wear them without problems, here are hair extension pointers to remember:


  • Use products that protect the hair extensions from damage


As clip in hair extensions have no source of nourishment like normal hair, attached to the scalp, so it is imperative to use products that will protect them from dryness, dullness, breakage and irreversible damage. Heat protection products essentially care for hair extensions by acting as shield from the heat produced by hair dryers and hair straighteners.


  • The best shampoo and condition for clip in hair extensions


You can never go wrong with moisturising and hydrating hair care solutions. Make sure that the shampoo and conditioner for washing the hair are free from harsh chemicals such as parabens and sulfate.


By giving your clip in hair extensions a moisture boost every four to six weeks, they remain in tip-top condition for many months, or even for more than a year.


  • Is it ideal to colour or highlight clip in hair extensions?


Hair stylists do not recommend clients with hair extensions to be colour-treated or highlighted. However, if you still want to go ahead with colouring your extensions, make sure to use mild colour masks or dyes instead. Ideally, choose two shades or darker than the original shade of your hair extensions.


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