If you’re looking for ways to maintain the shine, strength, and overall beauty of your Remy human hair extensions, we got your covered. This article is meant for first-time Remy hair extensions owners who are unsure about proper hair extensions care and maintenance.


How do you care for Remy hair extensions?


If you want the best hair extensions for many years to come, the products meant to clean and condition them should be of the highest quality. Invest in paraben-free and sulfate-free shampoo and conditioners. The roots should be cleansed and conditioned well with these gentle and yet effective products.


If you want your clip in hair extensions to stay straight, silky and manageable, avoid using them when swimming in the ocean or in swimming pools.


For tape in hair extensions, avoid unnecessary manipulation such as tugging and pulling on them. At bedtime, make sure they are completely dry and braided. This ensures that their shape, volume, and quality are in top shape at all times.


How do you take care of clip in hair extensions?


It is important to remember that clip in hair extensions are semi-permanent in nature. This means that washing clip in extensions should not be done often when compared alongside weft hair extensions.


How do you care for tape in hair extensions?


If you own seamless tape in hair extensions, it is important that taking care of it on a daily basis is key to longevity. Never comb or brush hair extensions when wet. Only use a hair comb or brush specifically made for hair extensions.


Remy hair extensions can be coloured and styled as you please. However, if you wish your hair extensions to keep its beauty longer, do not attempt to colour it with lighter shades. As a rule, go for shades that are two shades darker instead.


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