Human Hair Extensions has made every #hairgoals a reality for women all over the world. Nowadays, most women suffer from hair thinning or hair loss due to many factors such as, but not limited to, lifestyle, daily stress, medications, and even postpartum effects. Aging also comes as a handy culprit to this hair phenomenon and, of course, genetic composition. See, not everyone is born with that #gorgeoushair gene. However, the good news is that we live in a world where our hair problems can be remedied by using human hair extensions.

Hair extensions offer a wide range of options to suit your styles and needs. Aside from the different installation methods such as tape-ins, clip-in, and ponytail, human hair extensions also come in various lengths and colours. With this, you can be assured that you can always find the best set for you, depending on when, how, and why you’d like to wear hair extensions. Now we understand that over time, our preference does change, especially with length and hair colour. This varying preference puts you in a great advantage when using real human hair extensions versus synthetic. With human hair, you can pretty much do anything you want, unlike synthetic extensions, which cannot be styled using hot styling tools and do not take in colours from toning, because it is made of synthetic fibers. If you are new to investing in human hair extensions and love to change your hair colour every few months, you surely might be wondering, Can You Dye Human Hair Extensions?

HHEO Remy Human Hair Extensions

HHEO Hair Extensions is known for being 100% Remy Human hair because it looks and feels as if it is your real hair. Because it is made of human hair, you can pretty much do anything you want and style it the way as if you would with your real hair. 

Can I dye or tone my HHEO Hair Extensions

HHEO Hair Extensions have been tried, tested, and recommended by salons across Australia and other parts of the world. Because it is made of real Remy human hair ethically sourced from trusted donors, you can colour, dye, or tone your hair to suit your style. So in case you cannot find the perfect colour to match your hair from our colour selections, don’t you fret! You can always have it coloured by your hairdresser to match your real hair. No stress!

Can I DIY tone my hair extensions?

If this is your first time to colour or tone hair extensions, we recommend bringing it to the salon and get your colourist to take care of the job for you. Remember, even if hair extensions are 100% Remy human hair, the risk of decreasing its quality is still inevitable. Given that the hair extensions are not rooted in our scalp, it is not capable of doing self-repair, unlike our real hair. It’s best to let the professionals do it, as they know which products work best with hair extensions.

However, check out these tips we have lined up for you in case you are still curious about colouring hair extensions:

ALWAYS DO A PATCH TEST before doing the entire set. Please note that HHEO cannot guarantee the result for toning or dying the hair extensions, so we highly recommend doing a small piece first to test and determine if the result is satisfactory.

ALWAYS LET THE PROFESSIONAL DO THE JOB since they know the appropriate products better. It may cost you additional bucks. Still, it’s better than to have your hair extensions investment gone to waste in case you end up with a disastrous DIY hair colouring.

WASH YOUR HAIR WITH SULFATE-FREE SHAMPOO BEFORE COLOURING. HHEO Hair Extensions come pre-conditioned. The silky coating needs to be removed first by rinsing it off using lukewarm water and at least 2 pumps of your sulphate-free shampoo. Once you’ve done, the hair extensions will be able to absorb the dye better.

MAINTAIN A HAIR TREATMENT DAY to keep your hair extensions soft, smooth, and silky. Of course, it will require extra TLC, so best to set a schedule for all those treatments, baby! We recommend using natural oils or products that do not contain sulphate.

If you need more information about toning or dying your HHEO hair extensions, please feel free to email us at– we are always happy to help!