No woman did not wish for luxurious, bouncy-looking hair. Every day as we scroll through our social media accounts and pages, we see celebrities and influencers flaunt their gorgeous hair and all we could ever say is, I wish I had her hair. However, what we see on social media is most of the time far from reality. Yes, babe. We hate to break it to you, but most, if not all these people wear hair extensions! Now you must also be wondering Can Hair Extensions Help Grow My Hair? With a little help from a trained professional, you can surely achieve your hair goals and bring that hairstyle come to life! No matter what hair extension method you prefer, hair extensions can help with hair growth if done properly and by a trained professional. Let’s do a quick deep dive, shall we?


Everyone wants that long, voluminous hair, and luckily we have all sorts of human hair extensions Sydney brands available all over the internet or through physical stores making it easier for us to achieve our #hairgoals. However, not everyone recognizes the need to give your hair extra care. See, the moment you start wearing hair extensions, it does not mean that you have to care less about your natural hair. No! It’s a huge no love.  The more that you need to care for your real hair.

Having hair extensions on requires commitment and requires some extra maintenance, which eventually makes you take care of your real hair even more too. Now there are tons of different ways on how to care for your human hair extensions. Among the most popular tips is to use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Now, not only will it help protect your hair extensions from having its natural oils stripped by sulfate, but it also helps your natural hair get the same benefit as it offers your hair extensions. Using sulfate-free shampoos can also help avoid hair dryness, breakage and hair shedding. You’re basically hitting two birds with one stone this way. Also, hair extensions are best brushed more often. This helps avoid tangling and matting and of course, as you do this, you are also brushing your natural hair.

See, when you take care of your hair extensions, you are also doing your natural hair a favour by extending the benefits of what you give your hair extensions to your natural hair.


We highly recommend using high-quality human hair extension brands and seeing a trained hair professional in your preferred hair extension method. By doing this, you can guarantee that you are going to avoid potential damage altogether. Also, there are methods of hair extension installation that can cause zero damage such as ponytail extensions, however, there are those that can cause a lot of damage. Doing research about which type to go for and seeing a hairstylist at the salon is always recommended to make sure that the application is done correctly and avoid all sorts of possible damage.


Researching before shopping and installation is just half of the work. Making sure that you schedule regular appointments at the salon for maintenance like treatments and retaping is essential. If you experience any issues with your extensions, do not wait for your next appointment! See a professional as soon as possible!

Do you have any other tips on how hair extensions helped your hair grow? Leave us comments below!